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Международная Ассоциация Интегративной Медицины
Express cources of thematic development from 10.09.2018 to 14.09.2018

"Electropuncture diagnostics,
medical testing and and therapy"

Next seminar
27.09.2018 - 28.09.2018
We are one of the first to receive the ISO 13485: 2016 quality management system certificate

ATM Express Test

New version of the ATM Express software allows to make diagnostics of body state more accureletly. It adrives, using new functions, such as medical selector, measuring of alone organs and systems, and whole organism, search for BRT mode, using measured data.

Doctor could find needed preparatus, using new search function, and get additional help for it’s using. Improved graphic interface allow to study new functions easy for new

ATM Express could diagnose next states:

-      helminthic invasion;

-      bacterial, mycos, virus infections;

-      chronic intoxication;

-      neoplasms;

-      digestive system state;

-      respiratory system state;

-      urogenital system state;

-      cardiovascular system state;

-      endocrine system state;

-      immune and lymphatic system state;

-      musculoskeletal system state


Other production of Altimed company


ATM Helper ML



АТМ – Helper-Personal


ATM Express Interactive BRT

ATM Express-BRT with new possibilities in the form of addition to ATM Express

ATM Expres-Vega in the form of addition to ATM-Express

ATM Express - Food Test

Therapeutic complex АТМ

The device for information carrying over the Transfer-ionizer


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