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"Electropuncture diagnostics,
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The device has 10 basic functions that can be used in combination:




Electrical stimulation of neurological pathways – program anti-pain 1 for elimination of acute pain syndrome of neurological origin.

Electrical stimulation of muscle tissues – program anti-pain 2 for elimination of acute pain syndrome of muscular origin.

Anti-pain program for elimination of chronic pain syndrome

Fitness program

Anti-cellulite program for metabolic disorders

Anti-aging program or cellular/tissue regeneration

Lymph drainage program



1. Antifungal program

has selective activity against the fungal flora:

- Actinomicetes

- Aspergilla

- Blastomicetes (two phase fungi that have yeast and mycelial phases)

- Hystoplasma

- Candida (yeast like fungus)

- Coccydioda

- Nokardia

- Mycoric mold

2. Anti-viral/antibacterial program

has selective activity against the following bacteria and viruses:

- Bird flu

- Salmonella

- Shigella

- Echerichiae (pathogenic or diarrheal colon cultures)

- Iersiniae

- Campilobacter

- Listeria

- Corinebacteria

- Brucella

- Staphylococcus

- Streptococcus

- Legionnalla

- Leptospira

- Para flu virus

- PC virus

- Rhinovirus

- Cytomegalovirus

- Epstein-Barr virus

- Herpes simplex virus

- herpes Zoster virus (herpes type 3 virus)

- wart virus

- papilloma virus

3. Anti-parasitic/anti-protozoa program

has selective activity against the worms and simple cell parasites:

nematodes (round worms)

- trematodes (sucker worms)

- cestodes (ribbon worms)

- one cell parasites

- lyambliae

- amoebae

- trichomonadae

- toxoplasma

- trypanosomes

- pheumocytes

- balantidiae

- leischmannae, etc


has selective activity against mites:

- grain mites

- demodex

- Itchy mites

- dust mites

4.5.6.  – Anti-Pain programs

The principle of action of anti-pain programs is based on the imitation of autogenic impulses that go from the electrodes through the skin to the nervous and muscular tissues. The electrodes can be placed on different parts of the body. The accompanying electric charge is safe and practically painless. It creates light itchiness or vibration. The electric impulses that go through the tissues affect the transfer of the irritation through the nerves and the nerve endings and groups of muscles in the use area.

The action of the electric stimulation is visible only after regular use. Electric stimulation does not replace the regular exercise of the muscles but meaningfully adds to the benefit of exercise.

Pain relief and pain suppression is achieved by suppressing the pain transfer by the nerves (mainly by the high frequency impulse) and enhanced production of autogenic endorphins which reduces the feeling of pain because of its activity on the central nervous system which stimulates antinocyceptic system. This method has been scientifically proven and approved for medical use.

Anti-pain No 4:


mono- and poly neuropathy

- plexitis and plexopathy

Anti-pain No 5:

back pain caused by muscular- tonic syndrome

- lower back and neck area of the skeleton

- myopathy

Anti-pain No 6:

joint pain (e.g. knee, hip, shoulder)


 menstrual pain  - women

pain caused by trauma to the skeletal system

pain caused by irregular circulation (vegeto-vasopathy)

chronic pain of different origin

It is recommended to combine anti-pain programs with the regeneration program No 9 and lymph drainage program No 10. In addition it is recommended to combine anti-pain No 5 with fitness program No 7 using it locally in the pain projection area to improve the muscular tone. It is also recommended to combine anti-pain No 6 with program No 8 that removes metabolic disorders in tissues.

Contemporary neuropathology concept of Krizhanovsky (1977) treats the weakening of the controls of the speed of impulse by the anti-nociceptive system as the compulsory component of the progression of pain syndrome. The elements of anti-nociceptive system are divided among all levels of conduction of pain information. It includes certain structures and mechanisms with activity geared towards pain reduction. Constant interactions of nociceptive and anti-nociceptive systems carry out the function of pain control. The activation of nociceptive system in a healthy system causes the increased activity of anti-nociceptive mechanisms. The interaction of nociceptive and anti-nociceptive mechanisms happens on the level of peripheral afferent nociceptive fibers.

Psycho-emotional components of pain that have been traditionally treated as the result of interaction of neuro-chemical mechanisms of cortical and cerebral levels of organization of the system of pain control, is actually largely determined by the peripheral mechanisms.

The weakening of controls of the speed of impulse in the anti-nociceptive system causes the formation of groups of interactive hyperactive neurons called by Krizhanovsky “the generators of pathologically increased irritation.” (GPII). The mechanisms of regulation of pain sensitivity are closely connected with other homeostasis mechanisms and take the leading position in the hierarchy of adaptation reactions. The structures that comprise the anti-nociceptive system take part in providing regular functions of immune, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems, that’s why their activation not only reduces the pain syndrome but also regulates all the systems that participate in the integrated pain and adaptation reactions. This is why the treatment methods based on activation of anti-nociceptive system should not be considered as analgesics only, they are directed to optimize the stereotypical reactions of stress and adaptation that take place during any diseases, including those not accompanied by pain syndrome.

Congenital or acquired deficiency in the function of anti-nociceptive system can be the main pathogenic mechanism of chronic pain. This allows considering a number of chronic pain syndromes as systemic diseases. The main pathogenic link – imbalance of noci- and anti-nociceptive systems  - in time is connected to other different morpho-functional disorders that have corresponding clinical manifestation. These manifestations on the one hand mask the main process and take the physician away from pathogenic to symptomatic treatment; and on the other hand are the reflection of multi-component construction of pain, the underestimation of which leads to the lack of results no matter how hard the doctor tries.

7. Fitness program

This is a widely used and fully accepted method that has been used in sports and rehabilitation medicine for many years. It is used in sports and fitness sphere as an addition to the usual methods of muscle training to increase the functional capabilities of muscles and reach the desired proportions of the body. The fitness program is used in two directions. In can create the strengthening of the muscles (activating use) and relaxing, rehabilitating action (relaxing use).

Activating use:

- training the muscles to increase endurance

- training the muscles to maintain the strengthening of muscles or groups of muscles to achieve the desired improvements in the proportions of the body.

Relaxing use:

relaxation of muscles to remove strain and pinching (muscular tonic syndrome);

- improvements of muscular fatigue and removal of metabolic wastes from the muscle tissues;

- increased regeneration of muscles after hard physical strain.


In addition the Fitness program that is perceived as close to the real massage can reduce muscle sprains and strains and fight the feeling of fatigue.

8. Anti-cellulite or metabolic disorders program

It combines patho-genetic and etiotropic therapies. It has therapeutic action on neuro-endocrine and mezenchimal link of pathology. The program is used locally in problem areas and systematically – with the use of hand electrodes. Systemic used of the program through the hand held electrodes has general harmonizing effect on the main links of metabolism which allows to use this program for such diseases as diabetes, pathological weight gain, hypothalamus syndrome, arteriosclerosis, metabolic encephalo-neuropathy, liver diseases and many others which have metabolic dysfunctions in the pathogenesis.
it is recommended to combine anti-cellulite program with fitness program No7, regeneration No 8 and lymph drainage No 10.
Detailed analysis of ethio-pathogenic factors of cellulite is done on the diagnostic/treatment device ATM.

9. Anti-aging program or cell and tissue regeneration

The mechanism of this program is to stabilize the membrane potential of the cell by restoring the proper function of the ionic pump as well as the process of ATF hydrolysis. The cell membrane participates in the regulation of the exchange of substances between the cell and its environment. Having selective permeability, the biological membranes regulate the concentration of salts, sugars, amino acids and other products of metabolism. The main characteristic of the effective function of the cell is its ability to respond to external actions or irritants which depends on the condition if its membranes.  The restoration of the normal function of cellular activity and cellular homeostasis (concentration of ions, activity of cellular respiration enzymes, concentration of nutrients) directly depends on the condition of its membranes and the proper activity of the mechanisms of trans-membrane transfer. So stabilization of membrane processes which happens under the influence of the signals specific for that tissue leads to the restoration of the working potential of the cell and its functional activity, increases the level of adaptability of the cells, speeds up and harmonizes its metabolic processes.

The use of the program of regeneration locally in the liver and spleen projection areas has systemic immuno-modulating action. The program is used locally with the use of sticky electrodes in the projection areas of the probleem organs. E. g. ulcerative disease of the intestines – area of epigastria, discopathy – para-vertebral area of the corresponding parts of the spinal column, as well as by action on the areas of energy-informational exchange (biologically active points of the body) which increases the therapeutic effect by activating the neurological pathways.

10. Lymph drainage program

Is indicated for lymph stagnation. When the tissues are swelled lymphatic capillaries are pinched which blocks the pumping action of the lymph system. The dysfunctions accompanied by intravascular coagulation of blood increases the thickness of blood and lymph, creates the stagnation of tissues, increase in osmotic pressure and degradation of reology (thickness) of liquid medium. Improper lymph flow worsens the inflammatory processes, which creates the vicious circle that needs medical intervention to be broken.

Lymph drainage activated by the device helps to remove toxic byproducts of activity of disease carriers from the intercellular fluid. It also helps remove pathologically changed lymphocytes, immune complexes, antibodies and antibody producing cellular structures. This helps reduce the activity of autoimmune processes, prevents the formation of auto antigens or auto antigenic factors. All this stimulates restorative processes, creates favorable conditions for restoration of functions of organs and systems, causing stimulating action on the immuno-competent zones of lymphoid organs, increases the production and maturity of the cells of the immune system, helps restore the disrupted dynamic balance in the system of the immune defense.


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