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Method of resonant testing (Vega test)

The method of resonant testing has been offered H. Shimel (1978). In its basis the method electropuncture diagnostics on R.Voll lies. However, if for the decision of problems of diagnostics and medicamentous testing in R.Voll’s method about 450-600 points in a method of the resonant test one reproduced point of measurement (PM) on which testing process is spent is used are used, including in a resonant contour, agree logicians of the research, certain sequence of resonant frequencies from selector base of the hardware-software complex, answering questions:

  • What? (Reason)
  • Where? (The amazed body)
  • How? (Character of process.
  • In what degree? (Weight of disease).
  • Than to treat? (A preparation or the therapy scheme) and many other things.

The VEGA-RESONANT test is the exclusively loading method allowing not simply to fix change of functional activity of body on presence or absence of the resonant answer, but also to estimate the importance of this change for an organism as a whole

Possibility Vega test most brightly can show on an example of diagnostics of infectious diseases. Used in Vega test the filtration method allows not only to carry out with a split-hair accuracy qualitative diagnostics of presence of the infectious agent (by a principle yes/is not present), but also to separate harmless presence of the infectious beginning from its damaging action on a human body, by resonant testing of intensity (potentiality) of frequency model.

The in itself method of a filtration consists in consecutive connection from selector base of agrarian and industrial complex with formation of a logic chain where each previous preparation is the frequency filter (prism) for t

Сам по себе метод фильтрации заключается в последовательном подключении ЧМ из селекторной базы АПК с формированием логической цепочки, где каждый предыдущий препарат является частотным фильтром (призмой) для последующего, формируя, таким образом, логическую последовательность (резонансную цепочку) частотных моделей состояний, процессов или объектов, находящихся в причинно следственных (резонансных) взаимосвязях.

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