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The wave spectrum is inherent in each molecular structure of tested object. Identification of various molecular structures of tested objects is based on this property (parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, pathological conditions, medical preparations)

At direct contact of tested object to a human body there is a power information exchange between them at the field level, characterizing changes of the power status of various cellular structures, bodies and organism systems as a whole. This phenomenon leads to electroconductivity changes in Bath or the data of segmentary diagnostics which are caught by the special equipment during diagnostics and medicamentous testing. For object testing - frequency model of the last place in an oscillatory contour by its connection through selector base of agrarian and industrial complex. As frequency model test frequencies of homoeopathic remedies, infectious agents, pathological conditions, nozode, organopreparations can be used, stored in selector base is hardware – a program complex (agrarian and industrial complex).

By firm "Altimed" are developed and introduced in medical practice of agrarian and industrial complex which selector base contains more than 55 thousand the test frequencies, allowing to carry out the deep clinical analysis of a condition of the patient, to create in each specific case an individual highly effective inform - a preparation and by means of the special device (reprinter) to transfer its information properties on the potential carrier, with effect of summation of properties of all its components.

The important feature of selector base of agrarian and industrial complex of series АТМ is that frequency models containing in it are stored in the digital form that guarantees faultless quality as storages and information transfers.

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