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The device for information transfer the Transfer ionizer

The device allows for the active transfer of the information properties of the preparations to potential carriers, as well as for the ionization of water with silver ions (For the preparation of silver water, Altimed uses only silver from Cp 999.9.)

One of the interesting features of ionized water is the stability of its cluster structure and, accordingly, informational properties, which is ensured by the presence of a stabilizing effect on the part of silver ions that are embedded in the cluster structure and affect the electromagnetic interactions of its constituent water quanta. Ionized water penetrates faster and more easily into body tissues, ensuring high bioavailability of information recorded in its structure. The transfer of information properties and storage of information in the structure of ionized water significantly extends the shelf life of such information devices and their bioavailability, excluding changes in sanitary indicators of water quality. In addition, the ionization of water with silver, even ideally purified, from the point of view of biochemistry, makes it possible to get rid of unwanted informational and toxic prints of objects that have ever been in contact with it, thereby significantly increasing its quality. One of the main advantages of this device is the ability to record information properties on cold water, bypassing the boiling and charging of intermediate carriers. In addition, at present, water enriched with silver ions is successfully used in the practice of ophthalmology, gynecology, otolaryngology, surgical practice, dermatology, pulmonology, dentistry .... as a natural universal immunomodulator and antibacterial agent.

Repeatability and stability of results allows to speak about high quality of the information preparations received in such a way. Active reprinter allows to prepare as inverse copies of initial models (nozode, pathological conditions).