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ATM Express-BRT with new possibilities in the form of addition to ATM Express

New possibility of appointment and preservation of sequence of programs individually for each the patient with the subsequent updating. Allows to accelerate and facilitate therapy carrying out

In complex ATM Express bioresonance therapy as a part of passive bioresonance therapy (PBRT) and active BRT is presented. Influence is possible both at cellular level, and at level of body, system of bodies and a complete organism. The basic idea of application of a resonance consists in medicine that at correct selection of frequency and the form of medical (electromagnetic) influence it is possible to strengthen normal (physiological) and to weaken pathological fluctuations in a human body.

  Thus, bioresonance influence can be directed both on neutralization pathological, and on restoration of the physiological fluctuations broken at pathological conditions. The offered method, unlike the majority of known methods of physiotherapy, is not connected with heating of fabrics that allows to carry this method to "medical factors of small intensity" (information influence). Devices for method realization can be with electric influence (contact – on a skin, with application of current-carrying electrodes and electromagnetic – contactless, through inductors various type).

  1. Endogenous or the passive bioresonance therapy realised in a hardware-software complex of agrarian and industrial complex of series АТМ is a therapy by own electromagnetic fluctuations of a human body after their special processing; to Each structural unit of an organism there corresponds a certain frequency spectrum that is successfully used in therapy. Development of pathological processes leads to change of this spectrum of frequencies in the form of occurrence disgarmonical fluctuations. Pathological fluctuations can be eliminated with application endogenous bioresonance therapy, thereby, there is a normalization self-regulating mechanisms.

  2. Active biorezonance therapy is presented more than 1000 programs syndromic and on symptomic to therapy

 BRT it can be applied at treatment of a wide spectrum of pathological conditions in stationary and in out-patient conditions, in a kind mono therapies and as a part of a complex of procedures

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