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Medical device for complex diagnostics АТМ–Exprees\Vega\Food\IBRT

A medical device for complex diagnostics, is intended for use in diagnostic rooms, clinics, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums, health and beauty centers.

The ATM device allows you to assess the overall condition of the body, determine the reactivity and adaptive capabilities, the type of autonomic nervous system, exogenous, endogenous, radiation loads, the presence or absence of helminthic invasion, fungal, bacterial, viral complications, damage to the microbial cycle in the intestines, blood, lymph. The state of the central nervous system, immune, lymphatic, endocrine systems. The condition of the spine. Automatically identifies target organs that need attention. Based on an integrated analysis of thirty indicators, the method makes it possible to predict the risk of diseases, to carry out their early diagnosis, to assess the conditions for the progression of pathology.

Device characteristics:

  • ontrol of instrument functions using a computer;
  • the possibility of multiple removal of functional parameters with high accuracy and minimum error;
  • automatic calibration within a few seconds;
  • check the integrity of the circuits and the contact of the electrodes with the patient;
  • integrated system of automatic control and retrieval of information;

The Altimed hardware and software complex combines the methods of segmental diagnostics, drug testing, food selection, and passive frequency-wave therapy. The hardware-software complex consists of a diagnostic and therapeutic unit and may have the following configuration options and corresponding software: