A balanced diet helps reduce the risk of developing many diseases eliminate existing ones. Our experts, using the diagnostic complex ATM Express Food Test, will select an individual diet, taking into account the characteristics of each organism.

Are you suffering from allergic reactions and eating disorders? Do you notice lethargy and disruption of metabolic processes? Tired of constant mood swings?

Pay close attention to what you eat. The cause of all diseases and their exacerbations can be hidden in your refrigerator, lying on the table or already boiled in a saucepan.

Think this story is not about you? You are mistaken, because even a classic balanced diet can be dangerous for the body, which does not absorb and reacts negatively to some foods from the daily diet.

There is a solution - an alternative analysis for food intolerance in Kiev! Altimed Medical Center will help you identify the culprit of all symptoms and form the right basic diet, excluding foods that cause you discomfort.

Why and when to do a food intolerance test

Food intolerance is an increased sensitivity to certain substances in certain foods, as well as an inability to absorb them.

It is quite difficult to independently determine the degree of assimilation and digestion of food. Often the reaction of the body is misunderstood or not given due importance. In addition, some food does not show its destructive effect, but affects the body hidden.

If you do not pass the test for food intolerance in time, this can increase destructive progress or provoke the appearance of such ailments as:

  • gastritis;
  • celiac disease;
  • duodenitis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • malabsorption;
  • depression;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • irritable bowel syndrome;
  • ulcerative colitis;
  • Crohn's disease;
  • diseases of the biliary tract;
  • cholecystitis;
  • insulin dependent diabetes;
  • arthritis;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • cystic fibrosis.

At an early age, this is a particularly important procedure. If an alternative analysis for food compatibility is not made in time, then from the age of 12 a child - eating something that the body cannot tolerate to any extent - is at risk of developmental delay and the appearance of hyperactivity and attention deficit syndrome. Also, ignoring simple signals of intolerance is fraught for him with skin diseases, diabetes, diseases of the middle ear, diarrhea, muscle pain, flatulence, constant constipation, regurgitation and vomiting.

Some symptoms (irritability, headaches, sleep disturbances, difficulty controlling weight) may indicate a nutritional problem and worsen over time. In addition, you should take a food intolerance test if you have:

  • frequent belching;
  • irritability;
  • dark circles under the eyes;
  • acne;
  • feeling of discomfort in the abdomen;
  • pain in the joints and muscles that are not associated with a cold or physical exertion;
  • skin rash;
  • heartburn.

In the rhythm of life of a modern person, it is important to monitor your health and listen to the signals that it gives.

What gives a food test in Kiev from MC Altimed

To study the characteristics of the body of each patient, our medical center uses the ATM Express Nutritional Test complex. It allows you to pass a food test for digestibility, tolerance and product compatibility.

The use of modern technologies and innovative methods in medicine allows us to:

  • assess the general condition of the body;
  • identify protective functions and weaknesses
  • of systems;
  • learn cross-reactions;
  • establish the real reaction of the body to the stimulus;
  • identify a potential allergen;
  • find the cause of intolerance;
  • form immunological response groups;
  • develop a diet for weight gain;
  • make a diet for weight loss.

Our professional doctors of the highest category can do a food intolerance test in Kiev for various components. The test includes 800 of the most popular food products, which are divided into groups:

  1. Milk, cheese and other dairy products.
  2. Cereals.
  3. A fish.
  4. Legumes, nuts and seeds.
  5. Meat products.
  6. Bakery products.
  7. Pasta.
  8. Drinks: herbal teas, juices.
  9. Berries.
  10. Fruit.
  11. Vegetables.
  12. Honey and sweets.
  13. Confectionery.
  14. Fats.
  15. Potatoes and products containing starch.
  16. Spices, spices.

We can also test for genetic gluten intolerance.

What is the difference between the food intolerance test in Kiev and the usual allergy tests

In ordinary clinics, in order to find what a person is allergic to, blood is taken. It is the presence of specific antibodies in it that indicates the culprit of the corresponding reaction of the body.

In our medical center, doctors use non-invasive techniques to test for intolerance using special Food Test equipment. And on a comprehensive examination, thanks to our development of ATM Express and ATM Vega test, it is possible to painlessly determine the level of histamine, antigenic determinants, the presence of enzymes for the processing of certain foods, etc.

A malfunction in the immune system also occurs in the case of allergies and food intolerances. They are united by many factors, however, food intolerance is not always associated with allergies, therefore, this is not the same thing.

The first does not have a lifelong character and can manifest itself at any age, unlike most people who suffer from allergies constantly from childhood.

Where to take an alternative analysis for food intolerance in Kiev

The benefits of a food test cannot be overestimated, however, it is necessary to contact clinics that comply with the highest standards in the field of medicine and carry out appropriate actions using up-to-date modern devices and programs. It is this kind of diagnostics that MC Altimed offers to do in the capital of Ukraine!

Over 18 years of experience has allowed us to accurately identify true deviations in the body of thousands of patients and eliminate them without medication courses and invasive intervention.

For a food intolerance test in Kiev, the price is indicated in a special section of our medical center. The cost of diagnostics starts from UAH 1,500, which allows every resident and guest of the capital to use the services of our advanced medical center Altimed.

The price of the food test is fixed (the service does not include the preparation of an individual diet).

Diagnosis of food intolerance will not take you much time, because our experts do it in just 40 minutes thanks to adapted equipment and a simple procedure!

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