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«Altimed» LLC offers new (phased) learning format on methods of electro-puncture diagnostics and therapy (drug testing, ATM TM -Vega-test, passive and active bioresonance therapy, induction therapy, principles of cell-tissue therapy, Rapid diagnosis of ATM TM -Express-Test, food test (ATM TM -Food-Test).

Course Plan:

1 day

1.1 Introduction to the ATMTM series.
The concept of wave-frequency diagnostics and therapy, using the hardware-software complex as an example ATMTM –Express Test. Levels of assessment of the state of the organism using ATMTM –Express Test. General functional assessment of the organism. Diagnostic criteria, interpretation of results. Integrative principle and multi-level approach in frequency-wave diagnostics using an ATMTM device, including: determining the localization of vertebral influence; analysis of the presence of a systemic reaction; localization and extent of pathogens; selection of medicines, metals, prostheses, etc. (using drug testing); assessment of the state of organs and systems as a whole by scanning frequencies corresponding to nosodes and organ preparations (long-term testing session);

1.2 Learning how to work with the ATM TM Express Test program. The concept of a selector is its structure and application during diagnosis.
Practical lesson

2 day.

2.1 Frequency wave therapy. Indications and contraindications. Active and passive therapy with ATM TM devices: a device for active cellular tissue bioresonance therapy ATM TM -TP; devices for active bioresonance therapy (ATM Lanta TM -ZL, ATM Lanta TM -Zm, ATM Lanta TM-Z, ATM TM-Helper); induction therapy devices ATM TM -Helper Personal, ATM TM -Helper BRT Personal, ATM TM -Helper BRT; General principles of prescriptions Passive bioresonance therapy for the ATM TM hardware and software complex with the software ATM TM -IBRT  (ATM TM   - Express-Interactive BRT). Indications. Schemes of application. Rules of appointment. Restoration of the matrix structure using passive bioresonance therapy ATM TM -IBRT.

2.2 Chronic infections and stress - 95% of the etiology of all pathogenesis of chronic processes. Use of ATM Lanta TM -ZL, ATM Lanta TM-Zm, ATM Lanta TM-Z devices for the treatment of chronic infections. Schemes, rules, appointments.
Active Cell Tissue Therapy with ATMTM-TP. Programs. Schemes for prescribing therapy.
Practical lesson

3 day.

3.1 Familiarization with the vegetative testing method implemented in the ATMTM-Vega-test software. General principles and possibilities of the method.

3.2 Using ATM Diagnostics TM -Vega-test Rules of. Selection of a representative point. Selection of an individual test (calibration) load.
The purpose of the sections of the selector « pointers », « gain drugs and indications », « organopreparaty ». Integrative indicators of the state of the organism (reserves of adaptation, biological index, photon index). The principle of the approach to the construction of diagnostic algorithms (traces).
Practical lesson

4 day.

4.1 Identification of blocks and interference fields using ATM TM -Vega-test. Tactics of managing patients with interference fields. Selection of the optimal prescription for the treatment step, efficacy and tolerability. The concept of complex therapy using the ATM TM series devices.
Application ATM TM- Aqua activator and ATM TM- Transfer-ionizer for information transfer to media.

4.2 Working with ATM TM software -Vega-test. Teaching logic to build causal chains by sequential selection of selector drugs in the ATM TM-Vega-test mode, which allows for a detailed analysis of the structure of the processes occurring in the patient’s body.
Practical lesson

5 day.

5.1 Application of the theory of U-BLU during the frequency-wave diagnosis and therapy of the body. Choosing the right treatment tactics for the body's reactivity, availability of adaptation resources, degrees of intoxication.

5.2 Introducing the ATM Software TM Food-Test. Learning principles for the selection of individual food compatibility. The formation of the results of the form of reports.
Summarizing. Exam.

Teaching cources



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28.11.2019 - 29.11.2019