Partners “Altimed” LLC. Altimed company becomes popular in the whole world, because of it’s products popularity, stable and modern methodics, happy patients, not only in Ukraine, but in the whole world. Our partners are:

The International Association of Integrative Medicine is a voluntary international public organization that unites citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons to implement the main tasks provided by the Statute of the International Association of Integrative Medicine.

Russia, Tyumen

Russia, Tyumen

Ukraine, Dnipro

Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

“Bada Health Centre is situated in the countryside in the municipality of Torsby in the north of the county Värmland (“the province of the sun”) in Sweden. Bada Health Centre is an intimate small health centre equipped with the most sophisticated devices that can be obtained on Planet Earth. We work with Bioresonance Therapy and our competent therapeuts are trained and certified in Electropuncture Diagnostic and Informotherapy at the Medical Institute of Ukrainian Folk Medicine in Kiev, Ukraina.” Sweden, Bada

Ukraine, Feodosia

Kazakhstan, Almaty

Russian Federation, Moscow

Bulgaria, Sofia

Poland, Warsaw


Turkey, Antalya

Poland, Warsaw

Aydin Aritan President of Holistic Academy Turkey Istanbul

Czech Republic Prague

Filipov Yuri Alexandrovich Director of the Institute of Gastroenterology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Corresponding Member AMNU, doctor of medical sciences, professor. Head of the Department of Liver and Pancreatic Diseases. Zak Maxim Yurievich Deputy Director of the Institute of Gastroenterology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Candidate of Medical Sciences. Scientific Secretary of the Ukrainian Gastroenterological Association. Chief Physician of the International Medical Center;

Dzeruzhynska Natalia Oleksandrivna Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor. Leading researcher of the department of medical and social problems of treatment of mental disorders

Cherkasy, Ukraine Sokur Sergey Borisovich Director of the Cherkasy Regional Medical Center for Functional Computer Diagnostics “Oscar”. Physician of the highest category, sports doctor. Member of MAIM, regional freelance specialist of the regional Integrative Medicine.

It is a public organization, which in accordance with its Charter includes scientists, specialists, statesmen and public figures who will promote the development of information technology and processes in all sectors of the economy, information and production activities of all branches of science, informatization of society, space. The Academy has had the status of an associate member of the UN Department of Public Information since 1994, and the General Consultative Status of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 1995. With the support of heads of state and government, governors and mayors, national and regional academies of information science and functional (sectoral) branches have been established in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The purpose of the Academy is to promote the development, formation and coordination of a single global information space, open to all countries and peoples, based on the latest advances in scientific and technological progress, forecasting trends in information policy of the world community.

Ruben Isahakyan, Gagik Isahakyan – Riverside, California e-mail: web:

Dr Valentina Szabo Biomedical Therapist (Naturopath/Biomesotherapist) MD, MHSc, ND MANPA, MAAOH, MASUM Australia, Sydney

(Spain, Austria, Argentina)

FIZJOTERAPIA – van der Coghen Ul. J. Gawliny 66 41-506 Chorzów. (Poland, Chorzow)