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Medical equipment
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Medical device for complex diagnostics АТМ–Express

A medical device for complex diagnostics, is intended for use in diagnostic rooms, clinics, rehabilitation centers, sanatoriums, health and beauty centers.

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Medical device for transcranial electromagnetic and frequency wave therapy ATM TR

A medical device for conducting transcranial electromagnetic and frequency-wave therapy. The device is a unique, multifunctional medical device of a new generation, with a wide range of therapeutic possibilities, allowing to effectively and comprehensively solve a whole range of problems in medicine, cosmetology, sports medicine and recreation, including those which are not solved by traditional methods of therapy.

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The device for information transfer the Transfer ionizer

The device allows for the active transfer of the information properties of the preparations to potential carriers, as well as for the ionization of water with silver ions (For the preparation of silver water, Altimed uses only silver from Cp 999.9.)

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ATM Express Test Automatic Analysis

Provides the ability to conduct an automatic analysis of indicators that allows you to identify systemic disorders, quickly identify target organs, the prevalence of pathogens.

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ATM Express Test

New version of the ATM Express software allows to make diagnostics of body state more accureletly. It adrives, using new functions, such as medical selector, measuring of alone organs and systems, and whole organism, search for BRT mode, using measured data.

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ATM Express - Food Test

Advanced ATM Food test will help you in just 40 minutes. to establish the tolerance of a certain food product by the patient’s body, as well as the degree of its absorption. This development will provide irreplaceable assistance in the selection of an individual power scheme.

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ATM Express-BRT with new possibilities in the form of addition to ATM Express

New possibility of appointment and preservation of sequence of programs individually for each the patient with the subsequent updating. Allows to accelerate and facilitate therapy carrying out.

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ATM Express-Vega in the form of addition to ATM-Express

The technique of diagnostics by system ATM “VEGA-Test” allows to carry full complex noninvasive investigation of an organism of the patient, and as bodies and systems in particular

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ATM Express Interactive BRT

Enhance opportunities for therapy and diagnostics for hardware-software complex, ATM, using the functionality IBRT. This tool allows to improve the quality of care by minimizing the subjective factor in the analysis of indicators, which is especially critical when using a doctor in the early stages of working with hardware – software system ATM-Express Test