Frequency wave therapy

Microcurrent therapy - a mild and delicate effect on damage to areas of the body, skin, muscles using low frequency currents. Microcurrent therapy helps the damaged tissue heal faster and relieves pain caused by injury or chronic illness. Microcurrent therapy is most useful when combined with an individualized exercise program and manual therapy sessions.
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Almost all biochemical processes (enzymatic, hormonal, membranous and as genetic) are reduced to rupture of one communications and creation of new communications. Rupture and occurrence of communications occurs to absorption or energy radiation. All versions of chemical bonds, being an electromagnetic field and possessing wave properties, have power information characteristics.

As all versions of communications are caused by an electromagnetic field dynamic processes in these communications occur according to laws of quantum-wave physics. A scene of action (receptors) of an electromagnetic field and its quanta in a biomolecule are chemical bonds as they are caused by electromagnetic interactions of the charged particles and areas of molecules. Each communication, having specific wave characteristics, changes (it amplifies or weakened, disappears or arises) depending on wave characteristics of fields operating on it and quanta. Dynamic changes in chemical bonds lead to changes in a configuration and structure of molecules. This process has power information character as chemical bonds have power and information characteristics..

For performance of any function energy is necessary to a live cage, and the information is necessary for management of various functions and their mutual coordination

The carrier as energy and the information is the electromagnetic field which has the Wide power information spectrum. The electromagnetic field has wave, i.e. oscillatory characteristics to which it is peculiar the resonance and interference phenomena.

Each communication as has oscillatory characteristics as has the electromagnetic nature. It is known that the resonance leads big to result at smaller power expenses. Knowing characteristics of various chemical bonds (parametres of their electromagnetic field) it is possible to operate these communications, using resonant influences at the minimum power expenses. To operate chemical bonds, means to operate biological processes on system, cellular, molecular, nuclear, and as genetic level.

How it is possible to treat?

It is possible not to enter into an organism new substances, and a tax to organism cages special sanogenetical the program which by means of the frequency wave mechanism will cause changes of electromagnetic parametres of chemical bonds in biomolecules and will restore, at all levels of the regulation, the broken parameters of a homeostasis.


Endogenous passive frequency wave therapy is
a therapy by own electromagnetic fluctuations of a human body after their special processing. Each structural unit of an organism corresponds a certain frequency spectrum that is successfully used in therapy. Development of pathological processes leads to change of this spectrum of frequencies in the form of occurrence disharmonic fluctuations. Pathological fluctuations can be eliminated with application endogenous frequency wave therapy, thereby, it happens the normalization of the self-regulation mechanisms.
Exogenous active frequency wave therapy is presented in a therapeutic complex ATM, devices of LANTA-Z and Helper is
therapy by external signals, with which separate microorganisms, organs and systems of organism of man, are included in resonance, for example, with the magnetic fields, created special generators. Active – exogenous frequency wave therapy allows effectively to treat infectious diseases caused any types of exciters on the different stages of process, without harm for person organism. Any form of life possesses the own unique spectrum of frequencies, each micro- and microorganism has the own specific spectrum of vibrations . Figuratively, the task of such therapy is to "put" to death by tricking into of specific frequencies the inculcated fungi, viruses, bacteria, the simplest, helminths and to provide the leadingout of appearing toxins from an organism without harm for the last. In a therapeutic complex ATM this type of ABRT is presented the programs at chronic and acute inflammatory processes.
Mixed version
when the carrier frequency is served as passive.

After long-term researches scientists have found out that, it appears, all live beings (including – microorganisms), radiate electromagnetic waves. At the person the basic sources of electric and electromagnetic signals are: muscular activity, for example, rhythmic reductions of a cardiac muscle; bioelectric activity i.e. transfer of electric impulses from sense organs in a brain and signals from a brain to executive powers; metabolic activity, i.e. a metabolism in an organism.

At the same time, many microorganisms – at the elementary, at a number of intestinal parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses do not have nervous and muscular systems, therefore a source of electric and electromagnetic fields at them is metabolic activity. The metabolism or a metabolism is that distinguishes “the live” nature from “lifeless”. Movement of any charged particle creates round it an electromagnetic field, the congestion of the charged particles creates electric potential of this or that sign. These preconditions allow to approach to treatment and preventive maintenance of diseases not chemical, i.e. medicinal in traditional understanding, and physical methods.

Ability to live of the person, animal, and also the elementary, bacteria, viruses is accompanied by various kinds of electromagnetic activity. Examples of such activity are the bioelectric potentials removed at electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram.

Many diseases are closely connected with presence in an organism of parasitic, bacterial and virus agents, both infectious, and living in various bodies in a condition of symbiosis with fabric structures of this body. To suppress those or other agents, it is completely not obligatory to enter antibiotics into an organism, i.e. to use far not methods of chemotherapy harmless to an organism. Knowing frequencies of metabolic activity of those or other agents, it is possible to influence them frequency fluctuations which will break their own rhythms and by that to suppress their normal metabolic activity. As show corresponding researches, such influences are absolutely harmless to a human body. The given method of treatment has received the name of active frequency wave therapy and is realised in devices ATM Lanta-ZL, ATM Lanta Zm/ATM Lanta Z.

Etiology of heavy chronic diseases such as: (illnesses of Parkinson’s, an Alzheimer’s disease, AIDS, a cancer, a multiple sclerosis, an endometriosis, heavy arthritises, muscular dystrophies etc.) it is no means always known, but there is a point of view that a major factor pathogenesis are the latent parasitic infections (virus, bacterial, helminthous, protozoan).

In cages and cavities of bodies activators and parasites hard-to-reach for influence any kind, but at their hit in blood to reach an object in view is much easier.

It is established that eliminate to (deduce) activators and parasites from circulating blood it is possible spending one cycle of influence in a current 7 minutes that corresponds to a blood complete revolution in an organism. After such cycle of influence it is necessary to make a break 20 minutes for activization of fabric reactions of a drainage and detoxication, and to spend the second session for destruction of activators which have again left in circulating blood. Certain intestinal parasites are carriers of bacteria, and bacteria in turn can be the house for viruses which at destruction of “owner” leave in a blood channel. Therefore one more cycle of influence is necessary.

Whether does such kind of therapy harm for a human body?

No. Frequencies of parasites lie in a range under the characteristics absolutely distinct from those at a human body, therefore even regular application of a technique not only does not harm to cellular structures of a human body, but also does not oppress activity saprophytic microflora (i.e. not pathogenic microorganisms which in some cases play the important role in processes of ability to live of a human body).

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