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Apparatus for electromagnetic (PEMF) therapy at home ATM Helper Personal

A new development of Altimed company is a device for contactless impact – АТМ – Helper-Personal, which includes 100 unique modes specially selected for the most common diseases.

pribor dlya biorezonansnoj terapii atm lanta z

Device for bioresonance therapy ATM Lanta Z (Lanta Z)

The medical device is a small-sized, simple and easy-to-use device for the treatment of various diseases, the cause of which can be helminths, protozoa, bacteria, viruses, ticks;


Device for structuring liquid Aquaactivator ATM

The device is intended for electromagnetic activation of the fluid. Each microvolume of the transmitted water is affected by an electromagnetic field of certain parameters and a special frequency-wave program.

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Physiotherapy device at home ATM Helper ML

Includes 400 modes that allow you to cover a wide range of diseases, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism and the complexity of the course of the disease.


Medical device for physiotherapy ATM Lanta ZL

Professional-level device for complex therapy of a wide range of diseases. ATM Lanta ZL combines the principle of anti-parasitic therapy with cellular and tissue effects.

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Magnetic therapy device (PEMF) at home ATM Helper BRT mini

The device is intended for drug-free therapy, prevention and rehabilitation, correction and recreation of a wide range of diseases, pathological conditions, syndromes and maladaptations.