Mesotherapy (injection) and information puncture (injection injection of micro doses into reflex zones and points) This is a method that includes microinjections of individually selected components to improve the blood supply and trophism (nutrition) of tissues, anesthesia, anti-inflammatory action and zonal reflex effects, to rejuvenate and tighten the skin, sculpturize body contours, alopecia therapy (baldness), etc. The technique uses very thin needles for injections into the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm). Mesotherapy can correct poor blood circulation and relieve inflammation. In our center, an individually selected drug (based on the results of diagnostics) and a medicine created only for you is used as an input substance, therefore the effect of the application and the result of therapy are guaranteed and as successful as possible.

Advantages of the mesotherapy procedure:

During the procedure, local anesthesia may or may not be used. The process of mesotherapy looks like a series of injections using a special short needle. It can be attached to a power pistol for carrying out several injections at once in a row, but the best results are given by injections controlled by a specialist’s hand. >Injections are made at different depths 1 to 4 millimeters under the skin layer, depending on the problem. With each injection, a small amount of the substance is used under the skin. You may need several mesotherapy sessions to get the desired effect (3 to 15 times). With the improvement of your skin condition, the treatment will be repeated once every two weeks or once a month. Mesotherapy as a method of treatment has been known for over 150 years. In Europe, mesotherapy has been used for almost 50 years. Absolutely by chance, Dr. Pascal, helping one patient, injected him with a subcutaneous analgesic, which, to the surprise of both the doctor and the patient, eliminated not only pain, but also some other problems. The methodology and principles of mesotherapy in its modern application were formulated by the Frenchman Michelle Pistor in 1952. Since then, mesotherapy has rapidly developed, and in 1987 was officially recognized by the French Academy of Medicine as one of the areas of traditional medicine, that is, fully legalized and accepted by doctors.
Minimum doses and small needle sizes: small needles that are inserted very shallowly under the skin, and minimum injectable doses (1-2 ml in the first session and most often a few drops in subsequent sessions) eliminate any danger for patients. Of course, the treatment must be correctly diagnosed. Any mesotherapeutic treatment should be preceded by a full examination, diagnosis, followed by a decision, only a course of mesotherapy should be carried out or combined with additional treatment all this also plays a role. Relative physiology. Injectable drugs are non-toxic, which is especially important. Often, drugs even contribute to a more rapid recovery of the body, and the person not only gets rid of his problem, but also simply feels better.
03.No age restrictions.
after the course of mesotherapy, the result is kept for quite a long time (for example, during the treatment of cellulite - a whole year, and without special therapy.
05.You can chop off any zone with your composition
06.The almost complete absence of contraindications
Clients with contraindications for any traditional method of treatment can get help from a mesotherapist (each case is unique and unique). Mesotherapy can even treat people with diabetes, diseases of the digestive system, the musculoskeletal system, and so on. Prostheses and implants are also not a hindrance.
07.There is no general intolerance to the method
How is the procedure for face mesotherapy?
Noninjection Mesotherapy comes to the aid of transdermal (percutaneous) ion-phoresis method of substances, ointments, creams, application mixtures using electromagnetic pulse therapy devices (ATM-TR). The instrument's effect normalizes hormonal status, improves hemodynamics, trophism of the skin and its appendages, which allows for cosmetic correction (non-surgical lifting) and prevention of skin aging. So, by applying mesotherapy (injection or non-injection), information therapy we use the best that allopathy gives, and avoids such negative aspects as large, poorly tolerated doses. In our center, mesotherapy and information puncture are used only after a preliminary thorough examination , which provides an accurate diagnosis that ensures a successful result. The know-how of our center is also the use of an individual drug. It is possible to apply mesotherapy with great effect in case of local rheumatic pains, allergies, infections located in specific areas. When it comes to common pathologies, mesotherapy should be included in the complex of general treatment. Here she also plays an important positive role.
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Sergey Pavlovich

I found out about the center on the Internet. I was interested in an unusual type of diagnosis, a food test and its price, which is lower than in other centers. As it turned out, the test was not by blood, but by hardware, without pain. On the same day I received a result and a doctor’s consultation. I try to feed on it, I test it so to speak. More about the results later.


I applied to Altimed in the summer of 2020, with my mother. Problems like all elderly people – high blood pressure, swelling, dizziness, arthritis. Vision deteriorated, noisy in my ears. She drank so many pills that it was possible to replace the normal diet. I took a course of 10 sessions, another month later. I didn’t believe it – the portion of the medicine was halved (!!!), my sleep improved, the edema subsided. The pressure stopped jumping.

Roman Andreevich Bondarchuk

I express my gratitude to the Altimed team. I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for the colossal help, for the responsiveness, for the quality treatment, for the medical ethics and for the professionalism in my field. Thank you Elena Ivanovna for your endless kindness and warm attitude. Thank you Irina Valentinovna for helping to solve my problem with my arm and shoulder. I wish you all the best and only grateful patients.

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