Classical medical massage is aimed at strengthening and restoring health. It is based on the correct effect on the active points of the body, acceleration of the lymph and elimination of congestion. In this matter, the correct tactics of influence are important. The Altimed Medical Center employs professionals who know all the intricacies of therapeutic massage. Methods are used for adults and children, according to indications.

General medical massage technique

The technique of general medical massage is based on established rules, and is aimed at strengthening and improving health. This method has been known since ancient times, when there were no medications and other therapy options. The correct impact on the active points of the body contributed to its recovery without outside help.

Therapeutic general massage covers all parts of the body from the top (neck) to the extremities. It is important to keep the sequence of actions and smoothly descend from top to bottom. In the process of massaging, only the head, mammary glands and perineal area are not captured. The classic impact technique contains the basic techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration. You can work out the whole body, paying special attention to the problem area. Proper technique accelerates blood flow, tones muscles, prepares skin and muscles, and removes toxins and waste from the body.

General therapeutic massage involves the study of each zone separately. It is noteworthy that in the process of exposure to the body, the hands of the master must be warm. The duration of the session is 40 minutes, but the time may vary, depending on the original problem.

In Altimed Medical Center, qualified specialists comply with the established requirements and competently conduct massage. The course of classical massage is prescribed for adults and children, depending on the initial problem.

In MC Altimed, a therapeutic massage of the cervical-collar zone and other parts of the spine is performed.

Altimed Medical Center offers therapeutic massage services:

  • general;
  • collar zone;
  • neck;
  • shoulders;
  • thoracic region;
  • lumbosacral region;
  • along the spine;
  • head (hairy part);
  • drainage;
  • faces;
  • classic massage;
  • therapeutic massage.

Qualified specialists work on active points, contributing to natural recovery.

Therapeutic back massage in Kiev

Specialized therapeutic back massage helps to eliminate pain and spasms. It can be used as the main therapy, or as a preventive measure. The main task is to eliminate spasm, improve metabolic processes and eliminate pain.

A wellness back massage relieves stiffness and improves blood circulation. The impact on the active points of the body is a natural solution to the problem without medication. Proper massage technique eliminates the underlying problem rather than causing deterioration.

Qualified specialists of MC Altimed provide professional back massage services. The master acts on active points, relaxing muscles and eliminating pain. The duration of therapy and the number of sessions is determined individually. Each section of the spine is worked out in a specific technique. After the first session, a person feels a surge of strength and lightness.

The therapeutic massage technique for the back includes traditional movements: stroking, rubbing and kneading. To sign up for a consultation with a specialist and the first session, you can call the specified phone numbers.

How is a therapeutic massage of the cervical-collar zone performed at Altimed Medical Center

Traditional therapeutic massage of the cervical-collar zone is aimed at improving the well-being of a person who suffers from osteochondrosis. Proper exposure helps to cope with pain that occurs in the shoulder girdle, headaches, etc. Regular and preventive acupressure improves overall well-being, as well as

  • gives lightness;
  • eliminates spasms that occur in the collar zone;
  • eliminates headaches;
  • improves sleep.

A therapeutic neck massage is essential for anyone who spends a lot of time in a sitting position. Preventive action prevents the accumulation of salts, and also eliminates heaviness and periodic spasms.

Therapeutic massage of the collar zone is prescribed by neurologists, therapists and orthopedists. It is recommended to carry it out only on the recommendation of a specialist. You can sign up for a consultation with a specialist of MC Altimed by the specified phone numbers.

Benefits of therapeutic baby massage at Altimed Medical Center

The technique of therapeutic baby massage is aimed at eliminating the underlying problem, as well as the natural development of the child. Medical manipulation is suitable for children of any age, including infants. The technique is based on the classical scheme of rubbing, pressure and vibration. In this vein, it is possible to achieve not only therapeutic, but also healing effects.

Therapeutic massage for children is very useful, it contributes to:

  • correct development of motor skills;
  • strengthening muscle tissue;
  • strengthening the immune and nervous systems;
  • treatment of diseases;
  • mental and psychological development.

Therapeutic massage for children under one year old, with the right effect on the skin, helps to activate the flow of impulses entering the brain. Such an impact is a harmonious mental and psychological development. Massage improves blood circulation and saturates tissues with oxygen.

Light stroking and massaging the abdomen improves the digestion process, helps in overcoming the hypertonicity that is observed in most newborns.

Children's therapeutic massage is a strengthening of immunity, an improvement in appetite and a general strengthening of the body.

You can sign up for the procedure at the indicated phone numbers. Qualified specialists of MC Altimed provide comprehensive massage services for children from birth.


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