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Thanks to a wide selection of unique medical and diagnostic equipment developed by the Altimed center and a team of highly qualified doctors, in a few hours you can establish not only what takes months and years during routine medical examinations, but also what cannot be determined by any other means.


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Medical Center in Poznyaki

MC Altimed is a place where people understand that the most important thing is health and time. Therefore, here you will be helped to maintain a high level of health in order to live as long as possible. After all, what could be more valuable than the time spent with loved ones. Over the past 18 years, MC Altimed has received more than 30 thousand patients. And all these years we did not change our principles and applied only our own author's methods, as well as used certified equipment, which was also created on the basis of MC Altimed. Using a minimum of chemistry, adding different vitamins and minerals only in certain cases. In our center, the understanding that a person needs to be treated through physical processes, and not through chemical ones, is more perceived. We have always come across people who are tired of outdated methods of diagnostics and therapy, and wanted to quickly understand what was happening to their body and cure it in the same shortest possible time.
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Our services


Diagnosis of the whole body

Diagnosis of the whole organism at the Altimed Medical Center allows even at the preclinical level to prevent the manifestations of any disease


Food test

Altimed Medical Center will help you identify the culprit of all symptoms and form the right basic diet, excluding foods that...



Do you dream of "pumping" your body? Tune it to a certain wave? Classic biohacking is more than just a buzzword or a fad.


Microcurrent therapy

Skin restoration, elimination of wrinkles and even the fight against aging are the realities of modern life. Microcurrent therapy is a soft and delicate effect on damaged areas of the body, skin, muscles using low frequency currents.


Electromagnetic therapy

Complex electromagnetic therapy acts as an alternative method of treatment. Its effect contributes to the natural stimulation of the body, which entails the elimination of diseases and disorders.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Altimed MC offers you a course of transcranial magnetic stimulation, which will help you get rid of stress and overwork, strengthen your immune system, help speed up the process of any training and...



Do you want to restore youthfulness to your skin? Restore hair structure and get rid of baldness? Mesotherapy is an innovative method based on the introduction of microinjections into the skin.



The basis of medical massage is the correct effect on the active points of the body, dispersal of the lymph and elimination of congestion. In this matter, the correct tactics of influence are important. MC Altimed employs professionals who know all the subtleties.


Bioresonance therapy

Natural restoration of the body, without medication, is it possible? Bioresonance therapy is a therapy with electromagnetic vibrations, with which the structures and systems of the body enter into resonance.

Our production

All ATM series products are made from high quality materials from world manufacturers: Atmel (USA), TI (USA), OKW (Germany). The equipment of our own production is used as a hardware base for reliable diagnostics and patient care. With him, medical diagnostics (Kiev) reached a completely new level. Please contact the official developer of Altimed technology. For home use, medical equipment is presented with convenient, ergonomic devices. Commercial devices are considered publicly listed medical devices. Products are certified (ISO 13485: 2016)

Our doctors


Medical experience 30 years


Medical experience over 20 years


Medical experience 33 years

Medical Center

Health is the main life value of a person. The concept of “health” includes not only the absence of diseases and defects, but also a state of complete physical and mental well-being. Altimed is a medical center in Kiev, created to maintain and restore the normal functioning of the body, because the richness and fullness of life depends on it.

A person is essentially a complex mechanism, a whole system built from many small details. It can be measured and changed, broken or improved. Standard – both paid and free – methods of treatment do not always cope with the task, and then alternative medicine comes to the rescue.
Altimed Medical Center uses only proprietary methods and certified equipment aimed at fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment using non-invasive effects on the body. A modern private clinic in Poznyaki will help you check your health status as soon as possible and engage in its fundamental restoration.

Timely diagnosis

Each of us knows how important health is in our lives. Unfortunately, medical statistics show the opposite. Only 1 person out of 10 seeks help from a doctor on time. At the same time, the path from a person’s visit to a regular clinic to the diagnosis and appointment of adequate treatment most often takes from 2 weeks or more.

In the medical center “Altimed” this time is reduced to 2 hours. Functional diagnostics (functional screening) in 30 minutes reveals a complete picture of internal changes, disruption of a particular organ or system.

Thanks to the unique modern equipment, many years of experience of our doctors, in a short time they will help you determine the pathology and its cause, and start treatment on time, without wasting precious time and health.

Center for Alternative Medicine: Benefits

  • A wide range of unique medical equipment and a team of doctors with many years of experience will help you check up in a few hours and identify problems that would take months to find with conventional methods, and years to treat. Altimed has over 18 years of experience and over 30,000 satisfied customers.
  • You can find a medical center in Kiev at the address: Poznyaki , st. Anna Akhmatova 13-D.
  • You can make an appointment through the official website of the company or by phone

Modern methods used in our center

Treatment is focused on the use of alternative, innovative technologies. Chemical drug effects on the body are minimized. Only preparations with regenerative abilities are used - they stimulate the cells of the body to self-heal by means of microcurrents, electromagnetic radiation of low frequencies, etc.

Emphasis is placed on the informational (wave) impact. The result is the regeneration of one's own tissues, dysfunction of pathogenic microorganisms, tuning to the natural frequency of each individual human organ.
Adjustment based on diagnostic results (more than 800 different types to determine even non-obvious intolerance).
Transcranial magnetic stimulation for the treatment of diseases of a neurological and mental nature, allows you to get rid of chronic fatigue, treat various lesions of the central nervous system.
To eliminate depression, stress, sleep disorders, as well as anti-pain and rehabilitation therapy after sprains, bruises, fractures and other injuries.
A hardware method of therapeutic action aimed at removing toxins, waste products of infectious agents, heavy metals, etc., by regenerating and draining blood and lymph.
Improving the functional state of organs and the body as a whole allows you to increase life expectancy by 10-15 years and increase your overall health by 30% after the first session.
One of the unique methods of diagnostics and therapy that allows you to reveal the hidden reserves of the human body, evaluate and improve health indicators, prolong life, treat chronic diseases, and reduce the risks of developing diseases.
Aimed at stimulating the brain with natural signals for its work (alpha, beta, theta, delta rhythms), improves memory, increases concentration and attention, helps in the development of creative abilities, solves problems with professional burnout, etc.
Program for rejuvenation of the body and body. With the help of modern techniques, it allows you to prevent and get rid of the signs of aging in the early stages.
Microcurrent therapy, frequency-wave, mesotherapy, various types of massages and other procedures – all aimed at healing, improving health and quality of life.

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All processes occurring in the body are synchronized with each other. Even one innocent symptom will inevitably lead to others. That is why, instead of taking one paid analysis at a regular clinic, it is better to undergo a full health check. When it comes to a comprehensive examination, an important factor is the time spent, because it is the most invaluable resource that a modern person has. The private medical center in Poznyaki Altimed will help you quickly check-up the whole body and prevent the occurrence of diseases even at the preclinical level.

Medical clinic in Kiev carries out a check in two stages: 1. Functional diagnostics or screening method – scanning and registration of wave processes with their automatic analysis. The result of the program is a diagram showing the state of various organs and systems. 2. Vegetative resonance test is a more in-depth method belonging to the group of electroacupuncture and bioresonance diagnostics. ART determines the presence of pathologies based on causal relationships. This method of carrying out complex diagnostics is the author’s development of the Altimed company and is successfully used not only in Ukraine, but also in the USA and Europe. It allows you to find out a complete picture of the state of health and choose an individual course of treatment for each.

Outdated methods of therapy based on chemical processes are far from always effective, and sometimes they can also harm the body. Alternative medicine clinic helps people who are tired of standard treatment. To restore the functioning of body systems, wave action is used here, as well as, in certain cases, vitamins and microelements.

Altimed’s medical services include:

  1. Microcurrent therapy – exposure to weak current pulses. Promotes tissue healing and skin tightening, relieves pain, eliminates puffiness, dark circles under the eyes and age spots.
  2. Electromagnetic therapy – exposure to weak flashes of electromagnetic radiation. Helps in the fight against addictions, normalizes sleep patterns, promotes recovery from injuries.
  3. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a non-invasive stimulation of the cerebral cortex using short magnetic pulses. Improves emotional stability and concentration, strengthens the immune system, helps in the fight against stress.
  4. Bioresonance therapy is a way to restore normal physiological fluctuations in the body and suppress pathological ones due to electromagnetic frequencies.
  5. Mesotherapy is the introduction of personalized preparations into the middle layer of the skin. Improves blood circulation, has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Altimed uses only safe, patented, clinically tested methods. The effectiveness of each of them has been proven in practice around the world.
Most people think about visiting a doctor only when they “bake”: pain or other unbearable symptoms appear. This approach is extremely destructive and irresponsible. To be confident in the future, it is necessary to regularly sign up for a treatment and diagnostic center and undergo a preventive check-up. In the early stages, many diseases can be completely asymptomatic. Their early detection will help to react in time, which means avoiding many unpleasant consequences. Regular visits to a private medical center are also recommended for people with already identified chronic diseases. The constant participation of specialists will allow you to keep all the processes of the disease under control, contributing to the recovery of the body.

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