Noninvasive inspection on unique, by the possibilities, the equipment of manufacture of firm "Altimed" allows to define functional activity of an internal and organism systems that is especially important at the initial stages of development of disease that allows to approach closely to understanding of an original cause of illness and to reduce to a minimum possibility of a medical error. We have presented for the first time on the medical market - "the Gold standard of diagnostics" universal complex inspection of an organism with use of the advanced techniques. Program inspection is convenient for the patient as saves its time and means, and is invaluable for the doctor who receives all necessary clinical information already in day of the reference of the patient behind medical aid. As a matter of fact, by means of program diagnostics on the equipment of series АТМ, we not simply define an etiology, and we spend full audit of all infringements available in a human body so that medical aid was complex and as much as possible effective.

Do you often get the flu? Are you bothered by fungus? Do you live in an industrial smoke-filled city or work day and night in a new office? Perhaps you suffer from headaches and get tired quickly? Or do you feel fine but have a pale complexion?

Think one symptom of illness is no big deal? Unfortunately, you're wrong, because all processes in the body are synchronized, which means that one disorder will be followed by another and so on. That is why it is so important not to do a single test in a regular clinic, but to undergo a medical examination of the whole organism in a good medical center in time!

Full body diagnostics in ÌC Altimed allows even at the preclinical level to prevent the manifestation of any disease, when its symptoms are not expressed or are absent at all. In addition, check-up gives an opportunity to find the most sparing way of treatment for a particular organism, because each of us is special.

What is a check-up diagnostics

Check up is nothing more than a method of comprehensive diagnostics developed and tested by American physicians.

In the rhythm of modern human life, it is an indispensable procedure that allows you to quickly get a complete picture of the state of your body, both organs and their individual systems, as well as units of the structure of the entire body - cells.

Checap is often performed for preventive purposes, as well as in the presence of specific symptoms and disorders in order to make the right course of treatment.

Why undergo a comprehensive examination of the whole body?

The processes occurring in the body are completely synchronized with each other. If deviations are observed in one of the systems, the work of other organs is disrupted by the chain. A complete medical examination allows you to identify problems in the early stages of development and prevent aggravation of the situation with the appearance of complications.

Timely diagnosis is aimed at identifying:

  • functional disorders in the body;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • infectious diseases;
  • bone diseases;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • nervous system disorders;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system.

The main task of the body check-up is to assess the state of all organs and systems at the cellular level. This can be achieved with the use of innovative equipment. It is necessary to undergo a full check-up regularly, regardless of age. And as you age, the time interval should gradually decrease.

What is included in a full body examination and what health problems can be identified

Are you planning to undergo a full body examination? The service is provided in MC Altimed. Its main task is to determine:

  • the likelihood of manifestation of diseases associated with hereditary predisposition (diabetes, stroke, heart attack, hypertension, oncology, etc.);
  • the initial stage of any pathological process, at the preclinical level of manifestation of the disease, when its symptoms are not expressed or are absent at all;
  • state of the immune, nervous systems, blood, lymph, etc.;
  • presence in the body of any kind of viruses, bacteria, fungi, worms, their localization and degree of activity;
  • presence of cystic, fibrous processes, etc.;
  • primarily affected organ, the most affected organ, identify the entire pathological chain;
  • the presence of congenital or acquired intoxication, as well as the degree of negative impact on the body of various pathogenic agents: heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, etc.;
  • mental state, the degree of physical overload of a person, toxic and psychosomatic stress;
  • not only the presence of benign and malignant tumors, but also a predisposition to their formation;
  • effective and well tolerated drug;
  • complex individual preparation based on diagnostic data;
  • the degree of impact on the body of biopathogenic environmental factors: geopathic and radioactive loads, electromagnetic burden;
  • hidden psychological causes of diseases (uncertainty, fear, resentment, complexes, depression, stress, etc.);
  • the biological age of the organism as a whole, as well as the biological age of individual organs;
  • the state of the endocrine system and correct it without the use of hormonal drugs;
  • vitamins, trace elements, enzymes missing in the body;
  • disorders in the spine and changes in organs associated with the vertebrae;
  • whether or not food products, denture and orthopedic materials, cosmetics and jewelry, etc. are suitable for a particular person;
  • type of allergy, identify its cause, and test any type of allergen;
  • the degree of effectiveness and compatibility of any medications, nutritional supplements, vitamins taken, as well as the possibility of their side effects without the introduction of these drugs into the body;
  • hidden allergic reactions and find specific allergens;
  • level of intoxication of the body;
  • general energy balance of the body, to determine its adaptation reserves in the current situation.

Safe body check in Kiev

Functional screening and ART are not harmful to your health. Electrical signals are in a safe frequency spectrum and do not affect the patient's condition at any age. There are practically no contraindications that would interfere with a check-up in Kiev. The procedure cannot be carried out if:
  • acute mental agitation;
  • blood alcohol;
  • epilepsy and convulsions;
  • acute disorders of the coronary and cerebral circulation;
  • pacemaker;
  • pacemaker.
Even children from an early age, such a check is recommended. These techniques are based on a painless and harmless health check. During the procedure, the subject does not feel any discomfort, but only a slight tingling sensation.

Where to get a full medical examination

If you are interested in a comprehensive diagnosis of the body, you can go through it at Altimed MC.

Our professional doctors of the highest category use modern technologies and comply with the highest standards.

What our patients get as a result:

  • A detailed examination of organs and systems (endocrine, immune, etc.) with detailed information about their condition.
  • Determination of systemic blood parameters.
  • Excess or deficiency of enzymes, vitamins and trace elements.
  • Results of segmental and functional examination of the spine.
  • Determining the level of adaptation fallback.
  • OVR speed data
  • Evaluation of the department of the nervous system that regulates the activity of internal organs, glands of external and internal secretions, blood and lymphatic vessels.
  • Conclusion on ongoing diseases (including infections such as fungal, bacterial, viral, parasitic).
  • Treatment recommendations.

The cost of all tests separately, which can be performed in a regular clinic, is significantly higher than the alternative offer from our center. Of course, the price of human health is not determined by examinations and the cost of treatment, but the rational use of money for a comprehensive examination of the whole organism allows you to save money!

Over 18 years of experience in the medical field has allowed us to make sure that the price for a full body examination in our center is suitable for everyone!

Comprehensive body examination in Kiev: the advantages of our methods

Functional screening and ART

It is the safest and most painless procedure - the procedure is absolutely harmless (including for children), does not cause pain or discomfort to the person. The technique is included in the full body check-up.

Saves you time and money

Compared to legacy data collection methods (analyzes)

Non-surgical treatment

The procedure takes place without any intervention in the body.

Detects all pathogens

Such as: pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, helminths. And, of course, their localization and degree of infection.

No need to wait for research

You will receive the final test result immediately.

Vegetative testing

Has no side effects.

Sample study

It is possible to examine the state of both organs and their systems, as well as individual cells.


You don't need any special preparation before you see a doctor.

Is a replacement for 10 specialized doctors

Allows you to save time and money on a general examination of the body

Comprehensiveness of the study

Diagnostics allows you to examine the entire body.

Reliability of information

The degree of undistorted information obtained during the research is confirmed by experts

The ability to identify adverse stress on the body

It will allow avoiding the consequences of geopathogenic, radioactive, electromagnetic, mental stress.

The main advantage of treatment at MC Altimed lies in the use of our own know-how, which has no analogues. This makes check-up in Kiev more and more popular and in demand.

ART uses only one reproducible measuring point. This significantly reduces the time of examination and further recovery of the patient.

Screening also allows you to determine the main functional indicators of men and women, which will tell you what intensity and direction of treatment methods will be optimal for a particular patient.

Thanks to these innovations, the Altimed Medical Center can conduct a full-fledged high-quality check-up of the body in Kiev and determine the most common problems:

  • Smokers suffer from chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, ulcers, deterioration of bone tissue, damage to the heart muscle and blood vessels.
  • In women, fibroadenoma, diseases of the central nervous system, irritable bowel syndrome.
  • In men, inflammation of the prostate gland, gout, prostatitis, respiratory viruses.
  • Overweight people have disabling degenerative joint disease, malignant neoplasms, heart disease.
  • Children have infectious pathogens and parasites, allergies.
  • In adolescents, disorders in the spine and changes in the organs associated with the vertebrae, physical and psychological overload.

In addition, it is in our power to determine the hereditary predisposition to diseases and the likelihood of its occurrence, to recognize any intoxication, to establish a state of balance between the energy supplied with food and the energy spent on various vital processes of the body, to find out the hidden psychological causes of diseases, to find an effective individual drug and even find out if orthopedic materials, food components, certain cosmetics, etc. are suitable for a person.

How is a complete diagnosis of the body in Kiev

The first thing our patients do is sign up for an examination (an initial consultation is not required). The phone number is listed on our website, where you can also find out the cost of health checks and other services in the “Prices” section.

Cost of a full body examination at Altimed Medical Center

The Altimed Medical Center uses innovative equipment to detect deviations in the early stages of development.

The price of a full examination of the body is fixed, the site contains a full price list for all services. You can get a personal calculation by the specified phone numbers.

The fixed price includes:

  • assessment of the body's immune system;
  • detection of pathological abnormalities;
  • detection of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • detection of neoplasms of various etiologies;
  • determination of systemic blood parameters;
  • evaluation of the nervous system;
  • Assessment of the work of the gastrointestinal tract, etc.

The cost of a complete examination of the body includes the study of each system and organ. You can sign up for a consultation with a specialist and undergo diagnostics at the indicated phone numbers.

General recommendations for diagnostics

It is also important to properly prepare for the procedure. What to do the day before your appointment:

  1. Do not drink alcohol, tea, coffee.
  2. Refrain from fatty, spicy foods, spices and spices.
  3. Prepare clothing that allows easy access to the soles of the feet.

After a comprehensive health diagnosis has been carried out, the patient consults with a doctor, receives recommendations and an individually developed therapy regimen.

If necessary, our patients can use the services of a day hospital.

It is not enough to undergo an examination or a complete examination once in a lifetime. It must be done regularly, and the older the person, the more often the procedures should be repeated.

According to the WHO:

  • 45% of sick people don't know they have high blood pressure;
  • 98% of the population has parasites but don't know about it;
  • 50% of diabetics - about 211 million people - are not even aware of their disease.

And this statistic is endless. Exclude yourself from this list and sign up to us for a full diagnosis as soon as possible!

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