Natural restoration of the body, without medication, is it possible? Bioresonance therapy is a therapy with electromagnetic vibrations, with which the structures and systems of the body enter into resonance. Impact is possible both at the cellular level and at the level of an organ, organ system. The main idea of ​​using resonance in medicine is that with the right choice of frequency and form of therapeutic effect, it is possible to enhance normal (physiological) and weaken pathological vibrations in the human body. Bioresonance diagnostics reveals the main deviations even at the stage of their inception.

Evidence of a successful examination of the body and its restoration by bioresonance received wide publicity in the field of medicine, because patients and doctors report a positive result after the first painless procedure.

Altimed Medical Center offers innovative non-invasive methods for diagnosing and treating pathologies, starting and restoring natural processes in the body.

What is bioresonance therapy and how does it work

In today's world, there are many new, fast-acting treatments that are completely painless, without side effects. However, adherents of traditional medicine rarely look for alternatives to drugs or surgery, so they do not know what bioresonance is and why it is popular all over the world.

Treatment with bioresonance therapy is an effective way to restore the entire body using modern technologies. The principle of operation of such devices is based on electromagnetic oscillations. It is with them that organ systems and their structural parts enter into resonance.

BRT therapy is nothing more than an impact on the body through electromagnetic vibrations in order to restore cellular structures. You can direct the action of a special device to organs and their systems, even to certain cells.

BRT diagnostics detects pathogens even at the first stage of their appearance.

The resonance treatment method in medicine is a selection of frequencies that are safe for humans, but harmful to infections. At a certain level, they reinforce physiological fluctuations and inhibit pathological ones. Therefore, treatment with bioresonance therapy has practically no contraindications.

What is bioresonance therapy and how does it work

In the concept of bioresonance, every object has a natural frequency (number of vibrations per second) called "resonant frequency". Bioresonance testing of the body is based on the following principle: all substances (including the cells of our body) emit waves of a given frequency and vibrate at their specific wavelength or frequency with very individual characteristics that the device recognizes.

To implement the method in MC Altimed, devices of contact and non-contact type are used.

In addition, there are endogenous (passive) and exogenous (active) therapy.

In the first case, we are dealing with a special treatment that enhances the physiological electromagnetic vibrations of the body, which eliminate the pathological disharmony caused by pathogenic processes.

In the second case, in order to suppress the frequencies of metabolic activity of agents, other fluctuations are used that disrupt these rhythms.

Bioresonance diagnostics in Kiev and other cities of 55 countries of the world

Professional physicians around the world use thousands of devices for bioresonance therapy, because this is one of the most popular methods of treatment in countries where alternative methods of strengthening the entire human body and preventing progressive diseases are recognized and applied.

Only in Germany they are used and recommended by more than 5,500 naturopaths and doctors!

Bioresonance in Kiev - how does it work?

The human body acts as a system of energy. Its radiation occurs in the form of a wavelength. Each cell, organ and even system has its own wavelength or vibration.

Under the influence of drugs, stressful situations, processing and constant negative emotions, the energy emission is dulled. The body becomes vulnerable to the negative effects of pathogenic microorganisms.

Active bioresonance therapy is used to naturally restore and start the flow of energy.

Each pathogenic microorganism has its own resonances that limit the normal functioning of the human body, reducing its protective functions.

Competent bioresonance therapy in Kiev restores immunity, increases the body's resistance to various viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic organisms that can cause the development of diseases.

Special equipment sets a certain frequency, helps to recover and rebuild the body for active work. Computer bioresonance diagnostics of the body accurately determines violations, and therapy contributes to their elimination. Thanks to an innovative technique, a person recovers quickly.

At Altimed MC, the innovative product Lanta-Z is the main device for active therapy. It reduces the negative impact of pathogenic microorganisms, triggers natural recovery impulses and completely eliminates the provocateur. Its key advantage is its affordable price and the ability to use it at home.

The device operates at different frequencies, adjusted to the frequencies of the pathogenic flora. For example, there is a corresponding indicator for parasites, and a different one for another disease.

What can be detected and treated with bioresonance?

In the Altimed diagnostic center, bioresonance therapy in Kiev is available to all clients who suffer from parasites, as well as the following diseases:

  • allergy;
  • frequent colds;
  • herpes;
  • nail fungus;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • respiratory diseases;
  • other inflammatory processes in the body.

The number of procedures and the frequency of exposure are selected individually after a comprehensive examination. The price of bioresonance therapy in a day hospital is fixed and indicated on the website. Also, in order to achieve the most effective treatment, the specialist combines various therapeutic methods, such as BRT, TMS, and electromagnetic therapy. The complex of procedures, depending on the initial state of the patient, is selected individually.

Computer bioresonance examination of the body: contraindications

The frequencies of pathogens and parasites lie in a range of characteristics completely different from those in humans. Therefore, exposure to them not only does not harm human cellular structures, but also does not inhibit the activity of saprophytic microflora.

Thus, bioresonance diagnostics of parasites in Kiev passes without side effects.

In Ukraine, Altimed Medical Center adheres to the highest standards of such treatment. Our doctors of the highest category perform procedures quickly, correctly and accurately, because they have more than 18 years of experience!

Everyone can pass BRT testing and use the innovative technique. You can find out the cost on the website, as well as leave an application for admission. You can make an appointment with us by calling the specified phone number to immediately ask questions and get answers to them.

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