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Diagnosis of the whole body

Diagnosis of the whole organism at the Altimed Medical Center allows even at the preclinical level to prevent the manifestations of any disease


Food test

Altimed Medical Center will help you identify the culprit of all symptoms and form the right basic diet, excluding foods that...



Do you dream of "pumping" your body? Tune it to a certain wave? Classic biohacking is more than just a buzzword or a fad.


Microcurrent therapy

Skin restoration, elimination of wrinkles and even the fight against aging are the realities of modern life. Microcurrent therapy is a soft and delicate effect on damaged areas of the body, skin, muscles using low frequency currents.


Electromagnetic therapy

Complex electromagnetic therapy acts as an alternative method of treatment. Its effect contributes to the natural stimulation of the body, which entails the elimination of diseases and disorders.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Altimed MC offers you a course of transcranial magnetic stimulation, which will help you get rid of stress and overwork, strengthen your immune system, help speed up the process of any training and...



Do you want to restore youthfulness to your skin? Restore hair structure and get rid of baldness? Mesotherapy is an innovative method based on the introduction of microinjections into the skin.



The basis of medical massage is the correct effect on the active points of the body, dispersal of the lymph and elimination of congestion. In this matter, the correct tactics of influence are important. MC Altimed employs professionals who know all the subtleties.


Bioresonance therapy

Natural restoration of the body, without medication, is it possible? Bioresonance therapy is a therapy with electromagnetic vibrations, with which the structures and systems of the body enter into resonance.