Transcranial MS (TMS)

Altimed Medical Center invites you to undergo a course of transcranial magnetic stimulation, which will allow you to get rid of stress and fatigue, strengthen immunity, help speed up the process of any learning and simply memorize information, and most importantly, make you healthy! Do you want to be emotionally stable, healthy and better concentrate on anything? Then this procedure is exactly for you. First of all, preserving our health is our common goal, but for some reason not everyone succeeds. To take the place of the lucky one who possesses all of the above qualities, you need to undergo transcranial magnetic stimulation at our center! And now let's figure out in more detail what it is and what you will get after completing it.



stress, fatigue, sleep disturbance;
rehabilitation after stressful conditions, overwork,
in order to normalize the psychophysical status; - to speed up the healing process after injuries;
alcohol, tobacco, drug and other types of addictions;
prevention of immunodeficiency states; - normalization of the functional state of the CNS;
normalization of the functional state of the CNS;
allergic diseases;
diseases of the nervous system;
arterial hypertension stage I-II;
for pain relief;
peptic ulcer
ischemic heart disease (ischemic heart disease)


For relaxation:

bruises, stretches;
stressful states and neurotic reactions, overwork;
improving motor skills
increase endurance
pain syndromes
improved concentration
muscle relaxation
muscle stimulation, etc.
anti-stress and anti-depressive effects,
improving performance,
normalization of sleep,
improving the quality of sleep
[cairn-fog-mystical-background-158607_NIYA_WEB] - insomnia
reduced fatigue,
improving mood,
improving the quality of life,
reduction of symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome;
reduction of burnout symptoms
a charge of energy for the whole day (feeling of cheerfulness)
improved concentration
memory development
help in solving complex problems
muscle relaxation
improving immunity


Microcurrent therapy
Frequency wave therapy
Therapeutic group of techniques used in the medical center "Altimed"
Selection of drugs using a series of ATM equipment
Food test
Method of resonant testing (Vega test)
Segmentary diagnostics. ATM Express
Diagnosis of the whole body
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Sergey Pavlovich

I found out about the center on the Internet. I was interested in an unusual type of diagnosis, a food test and its price, which is lower than in other centers. As it turned out, the test was not by blood, but by hardware, without pain. On the same day I received a result and a doctor’s consultation. I try to feed on it, I test it so to speak. More about the results later.


I applied to Altimed in the summer of 2020, with my mother. Problems like all elderly people – high blood pressure, swelling, dizziness, arthritis. Vision deteriorated, noisy in my ears. She drank so many pills that it was possible to replace the normal diet. I took a course of 10 sessions, another month later. I didn’t believe it – the portion of the medicine was halved (!!!), my sleep improved, the edema subsided. The pressure stopped jumping.

Roman Andreevich Bondarchuk

I express my gratitude to the Altimed team. I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for the colossal help, for the responsiveness, for the quality treatment, for the medical ethics and for the professionalism in my field. Thank you Elena Ivanovna for your endless kindness and warm attitude. Thank you Irina Valentinovna for helping to solve my problem with my arm and shoulder. I wish you all the best and only grateful patients.

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