Device for transcranial electromagnetic and electrical therapy ATM TR

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A medical device for carrying out transcranial electromagnetic and frequency-wave therapy. The device is a unique multifunctional medical device of a new generation, with a wide range of therapeutic capabilities that can effectively and comprehensively solve a number of problems in medicine, cosmetology, sports medicine and recreation, including those, which are not solved by traditional methods of therapy. These magnetic therapy devices are used for polyclinics and cosmetology centers.

The development of a therapeutic complex made it possible to fill in the missing links in complex etiopathogenetic therapy and to develop a systemic multi-level approach to the treatment of pathological conditions, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. Complex application of methods of passive frequency-wave exposure (APC series ATM), active exogenous frequency-wave therapy (devices “Lanta-Z”, “Lanta-Zm” and “Lanta ZL”), in combination with the capabilities of the therapeutic complex ATM, complementing and enhancing the therapeutic effects of each other, they can achieve phenomenal results of therapy in an extremely short time.

The principle of operation of the ATM device

The programs of the therapeutic complex are patterns (templates) of natural, physiological (endogenous) processes of adaptogenesis, which dominate under conditions of normal functioning of the body and are suppressed under pathological conditions. Thus, it becomes possible to program and control the most complex biocybernetic system in its organization – the human body.

The fundamental difference between the ATM therapeutic complex and the already existing devices is the targeted impact on the tissue and systemic levels of homeostasis control through active broadcasting of special therapeutic programs in order to control the natural processes of sano and adaptogenesis.

The fundamental difference between the ATM therapeutic complex and the already existing devices is the targeted impact on the tissue and systemic levels of homeostasis control through active broadcasting of special therapeutic programs in order to control the natural processes of sano and adaptogenesis. The impact is carried out by means of both local impact, application of external electrodes on the zones of local impact, and general systemic action in the mode of the selected therapy program.

The main effects of therapeutic programs and their points of application

Correction of psychovegetative and neuroendocrine disorders using induction therapy programs. In the process of induction therapy, electromagnetic signals are used, which coincide in their parameters with the spectrum of electromagnetic waves emitted by the human brain, recorded using an EEG. Induction therapy, due to the occurrence of resonant effects of interaction with the electromagnetic fields of the brain, ensures the restoration of the normal functioning of the central and autonomic nervous system, which is of great importance in the treatment of a wide range of pathological conditions and is especially important in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders, which are realized in the form of psychovegetative and neuroendocrine reactions determined in the process of a diagnostic search on the ATMTM series APC.
Correction of mesenchymal and metabolic disorders using mesoinduction therapy programs can be used for diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, pain syndrome, myopathoses, diseases of the peripheral nervous system. A unique method for the introduction of cosmetic formulations, rejuvenation and prevention of skin aging, cellulite treatment.
Correction of the body's immunological status using immunocorrection programs, depending on the initial state of the immune system, determined using integrative indicators on the ATM series APC.
Correction of the state of body fluids (blood and lymph), as well as detoxification processes by stimulating binding, transport, biotransformation, as well as direct removal of pathologically significant components using lymphatic programs and hemosanation programs.
Stimulation and management of tissue regeneration processes at the systemic and cellular levels, using systemic regeneration programs.
Therapy and prevention of acute and chronic inflammatory processes using active exogenous BRT programs.
Profile therapy programs using special ABRT programs aimed at treating a specific pathological condition (nosology).
Electric sleep.

Methods of using the programs of the therapeutic complex ATM (TC ATM)

Allocate the systemic (general) and local (local) method of using the TC ATM programs.

System (general)
the method of exposure involves exposure without taking into account the local effect, by closing the device-patient circuit, for which brass hand electrodes and an induction loop are used.
the method of exposure involves the application of external electrodes to the skin, directly above the projection of the problem area. Remote electrodes include sticky and inductor electrodes.

Hardware software capabilities

Alpha beats, Beta beats, Theta beats Delta beats
Fortifying, Sleep, Stress, Depression
Cerebral, Learning, Memorization, Children's
Short break, muscle relaxation, etc.
Systemic regeneration
Chronic and acute processes
Mesoinduction therapy
Anti-cellulite, Lifting, Rejuvenation
Local obesity, etc.
Demodectic mange, Allergy, Atherosclerosis, Obesity, Pathological menopause
Hypothalamic syndrome, etc.

Indications for use

Diseases of the nervous system:
migraine, headache, increased intracranial pressure, paralysis and paresis, neuritis, radiculitis, polyradicuneuropathies, vegetativesensory neuropathies, neuralgia, damage to the facial nerve, vegetative-vascular dystonia, insomnia, disturbed sleep and wakefulness cycles, chronic fatigue syndrome, cerebral palsy, cerebral palsy , the consequences of the postponed acute cerebrovascular accident, the consequences of the postponed head injury and inflammatory diseases of the nervous system.
Diseases of the endocrine system, eating disorders and metabolic disorders:
hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, dysfunction of the adrenal glands, ovaries, testicles, localized fat deposition, obesity, dysfunction of the hypothalamic - pituitary system.
Mental and Behavioral Disorders:
depressive and neurotic disorders, somatoform disorders (tics, enuresis, logoneurosis)
Intoxication neuroses and psychosis:
Psychosomatic disorders. Lack or loss of sex drive, failure of genital response, orgasmic dysfunction.
Diseases of the circulatory system:
hypertension, arterial hypotension, ischemic heart disease, vegetative-vascular dystonia, consequences of acute cerebrovascular accident, encephalopathy, varicose veins, narrowing (obliteration) of the arteries.
Respiratory diseases:
acute rhinitis (rhinitis), vasomotor and allergic rhinitis, acute sinusitis, tonsillitis (tonsillitis), laryngitis, tracheitis, diseases of the vocal cords and larynx, acute respiratory infections, influenza, acute chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma in remission. Diseases of the digestive system: diseases of the oral cavity, periodontal disease.
Diseases of the stomach and duodenum 12:
peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum in remission, gastritis and duodenitis, chronic gastroenteritis, functional gastric dyspepsia, reflux esophagitis and esophagospasm, diseases of the operated stomach, gastralgia, duodenostasis.
Diseases of the liver and biliary tract:
biliary dyskinesia, chronic acalculous cholecystitis, postcholecystectomy syndrome, chronic hepatitis in remission, liver cirrhosis (compensated and subcompensated stage), fatty degeneration of the liver.
Pancreatic diseases:
chronic pancreatitis in remission, fermentopathy.
Bowel diseases:
chronic enteritis and enterocolitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic colitis, postoperative intestinal paresis, dynamic obstruction.
Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue:
boils and carbuncles, psoriasis, urticaria, burns and frostbite, calluses, erysipelas, keloid scars and stretch marks, dermatitis, alopecia areata (baldness), herpes.
Diseases of the musculoskeletal system:
rheumatoid and other types of arthritis, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, damage to intervertebral discs, radiculopathy, back pain (vertebralgia), injuries and diseases of bones, joints and spine, poor healing of fractures, injuries of tendons and ligaments, myositis, myopatosis.
Urological diseases:
chronic cystitis, prostatitis. Neuromuscular dysfunction of the bladder, urethritis, chronic pyelonephritis, urolithiasis.
Gynecological and andrological diseases:
Hyperplasia and prostate adenoma. Acute and chronic prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis, some forms of ejaculatory dysfunction in men. Scanty, rare and irregular menstruation, menstrual pain, pathological menopause, premature menopause. Salpingitis, salpingo-oophoritis, fibroids, fibroids, cervical erosion. Mastitis, mastopathy, lactostasis.
Eye diseases:
acute and chronic conjunctivitis, cataracts, optic neuritis, myopia (myopia), hyperopia (farsightedness), decreased vision, eye pain.
Diseases of the ear and mastoid process:
chronic otitis externa, nonsuppurative otitis media, tinnitus, hearing loss, ear pain.
Diseases of childhood:
allergic diathesis, disorders of psychological development, speech and intellectual.
Cosmetological problems:
cellulite, stretch marks, decreased skin firmness and elasticity, inflammatory diseases of the skin and skin appendages of various origins.

Contraindications for use

the presence of an implantable pacemaker.
Relative (it is possible to use the device under the supervision of a doctor):
benign and malignant neoplasms;
violation of blood clotting;
acute disorders of cerebral and coronary circulation;
individual intolerance to electromagnetic influences;
damage and skin diseases in places in contact with the electrodes;
mental illness;
state of alcoholic intoxication.
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