Device for bioresonance therapy ATM Lanta Z (Lanta Z)



Lanta-Z is a professional-level apparatus that minimizes the action of pathogenic micro- and macroorganisms, contributes to their complete extinction and elimination from the human body. This device is specialized for antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antiprotozoal, antifungal therapy. The method of active exogenous bioresonance therapy (ABRT) is used in medical institutions, as well as for home use under the supervision of a specialist.

This new little miracle (Lanta Z dimensions do not exceed 12x17 centimeters) is the solution to many of your health problems and is convenient for home treatment of such diseases as:
helminthic invasion;
nail fungus;
viral, bacterial, parasitic burden;

If you find something that worries you in the above list, then there is no need to hesitate any longer! You urgently need a BRT device, which can be ordered on our website, consult with our doctor, and start your journey to health! The manufacturer – Altimed took care and provided a choice of several devices for bioresonance therapy. But now we will tell you about the ATM Lanta Z.

Work principles

The device is capable of selectively affecting various sources of infections with electromagnetic oscillations of a given frequency and amplitude. The operating spectrum of the unit is identical to the frequency characteristics of the entire range of pathogenic flora, and is divided into 5 modes of influence, which makes it possible, depending on the indications, to deliberately influence this or another type of pathogen or their combination.
ATM Lanta Z has a deactivating effect on toxins and the most harmful micro- and macroorganisms, and even promotes their complete elimination from the body.

What makes the ATM Lanta Z stand out from other bioresonance therapy devices on the market?

The main thing in which Lanta z is superior to competitors is an individual approach to the treatment of diseases. The device has as many as five modes. All of them are aimed at different problems, but they can be combined or, on the contrary, stick to one thing. It all depends on the needs and recommendations of your doctor.

Also, the Lanta Z apparatus is one of the few devices for bioresonance therapy that are registered in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and in addition, it is the only device that is registered as a therapeutic one, and in fact is the first apparatus for bioresonance therapy in Ukraine. Among other things, the Lanta Z device has a unique frequency flow, which is protected by a patent, it is the only bioresonance therapy device in the world that is protected by a patent for exposure.

Description of ATM Lanta Z operating modes

The first mode is anti-fungal.
It has a targeted effect on the entire spectrum of fungal flora.
The second mode combines antibacterial and antiviral effects.
It has a targeted effect on the entire spectrum of bacteria and viruses.
The third mode is anthelmintic and antiprotozoal.
This mode promotes the elimination of the entire spectrum of helminths and protozoa.
The fourth mode is General.
It includes anthelmintic, antiviral (including papilloma and warts viruses), antibacterial, antiprotozoal and anti-mite programs. Has an effect on helminths, viruses, bacteria and mites.
The fifth mode is the lymph drainage program.
It is indicated for symptoms of lymphostasis. With significant tissue edema, the lymphatic capillaries are compressed, which blocks the "pumping" function of the lymphatic system. Disorders accompanied by intravascular blood coagulation increase the viscosity of blood and lymph, promote tissue stagnation, increase osmotic pressure, and deteriorate rheology (viscosity) of liquid media. Restricting lymph drainage exacerbates inflammation, creating a vicious circle that requires therapeutic intervention to eliminate it.

In order to increase the therapeutic effect, the Lanta-Z device uses infrared radiation. The radiation power is quite insignificant – thousandths of a watt. Under the influence of electromagnetic resonance frequencies of also polarized infrared radiation, deactivation of pathogenic bacteria is performed due to changes in peculiar proteins integrated into the plasma film. As a result, a blocking transmembrane potential is established in the plasma membrane of pathogenic bacteria, which reduces the dynamism of biochemical actions in the microbial cell.

Is the use of the ATM Lanta Z device safe for your body?

The frequency range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites is outside the range of natural frequency characteristics of cells in the human body. It is not only safe to use the device, but it is also recommended for daily use, both for treatment and for the prevention of various diseases caused by pathogens.

So, we have come to the main question that everyone is now asking exactly – how to buy an ATM Lanta Z?
The answer is very simple: on our website you can order a device from the Altimed brand right now. The price of the Lanta s device at the moment is only 13,900 hryvnia. It is also worth noting that we can easily arrange delivery! So you are a very lucky person if you live in Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro, Zaporozhye and other parts of Ukraine. If you have any problems with ordering, do not hesitate to call or write to us. Technical support will always come to your aid, good luck!

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