Medical device for physiotherapy ATM Lanta ZL

The disease does not arise just like that – it breaks, as a rule, where it is thin. The body weakened – and became a target for pathogens or a victim of a disorder in the work of one or another organ system. But we do not live in an ideal world. What to do?
Traditional allopathic medicine offers a remedial route. But there are many questions and complaints to him: “We treat one thing, we cripple the other” …
Tired of endlessly influencing the consequences, leaving the very cause of ailments unchanged?
Are certain medications unsuitable for you because of an allergic reaction or unwanted side effects?
Are you ready to use non-harmful methods to stay healthy and effective in a variety of situations?
We offer the development of the Altimed company, which has proven its effectiveness and has been used for many years in the Health Center of the same name: ATM Lanta ZL is a complex device for the prevention and treatment of a wide range of diseases and pathological conditions.

What is ATM Lanta ZL

To begin with - what this device is NOT:
it is not an alternative medicine, but an officially registered medical device;
it is not a complex unit, which requires medical education to control - even an elderly person can easily use it at home;
it is not a dangerous method that must be applied selectively and with the greatest care - frequency-wave therapy is harmless to the body, it "heals, does not cripple."

ATM Lanta ZL is a small-sized device, simple and convenient in operation, which conducts frequency-wave impulses of a given frequency at the cellular and tissue levels of your body.


Electromagnetic radiation at a certain frequency is the natural state of all the constituent parts of our body. In pathogens, the frequency of radiation is significantly different. The impact of the apparatus is aimed at destroying pathogens and their complete elimination from the body, at restoring cells and tissues. The device tries to return the unsynchronized processes to harmonious ones, emitting at the correct, “healthy” frequencies.

Treatment with biological resonances:
practically has no contraindications;
does not threaten with dangerous side effects;
suitable for everyone - both children and the elderly;
not painful, not invasive, performed very simply;
can be safely combined with any other therapeutic techniques and influences.

Bioresonance therapy has been known in medicine since 1977, constantly proving its effectiveness, and engineering and medical developments in it go hand in hand. And today we offer you the latest variations of the BRT method to take care of your health.


ATM Lanta ZL is based on a targeted therapeutic effect through 4 channels:
the first and second channels with the help of hand electrodes are aimed at neutralizing pathogenic pathogens of various types;
the third and fourth channels localize inflammatory processes, trigger the regeneration of organs and systems.

The impact is parallel, but at the same time asynchronous: all combinations are stored in the device memory and recorded in different modes. You only need to select the appropriate one, it is not difficult, the screen gives constant prompts. You can make a choice yourself, using the instructions, or ask for help in prescribing and choosing regimens from a specialist doctor with relevant experience, for example, from the Altimed Health Center.


The developers have put in the memory of the ATM Lanta ZL radiation combinations to affect the most common types of pathogens, as well as for certain effects at the tissue level:
relieving inflammation;
regeneration at the cellular and tissue level.
With the help of the apparatus, it is possible to eliminate the pathogenic influence of the most common pathogenic pathogens:
mushrooms - forget about endless thrush or lesions of the skin and nails;
bacteria and viruses - herpes on the lips, various acute respiratory viral infections, flu and other seasonal diseases will no longer be dangerous for you and your loved ones;
parasites - lamblia, roundworm, pinworms, helminthic invasion and other unpleasant "guests" and their attendant problems.

The ATM Lanta ZL device is an extended version of the Lanta 3 device.


General programs
01. Antivirus program
According to the assessments of WHO experts, up to 80% of infectious diseases in the world are associated with viruses. Virus victories against the defeat of the organisms and systems. The program selectively affects: causative agents of hepatitis A, B, C, B, D, E, F, G; HIV-1; HIV-2 more than 100 human papillomaviruses; 8 human herpes viruses; parvoviruses, hantaviruses, adenoviruses; 170 respiratory viruses; 90 intestinal viruses; about 100 arboviruses and etc
02. Antibacterial program.
Has a selective effect on bacteria: Chlamydia; Helicobacter; Salmonella; Staphylococci; Streptococci; Spirochetes; Tetanus stick; Bacilli; and etc.
03. Antifungal program
Has a selective effect on the fungal flora: actinomycetes; aspergillus (molds); blastomycents (biphasic fungi with yeast and mycelial phases); histoplasm; candida (yeast-like fungi); coccidioids; nocardia; mucor mold and etc.
04. Antiparasitic protozoal program.
Has a selective effect on helminths and protozoa: nematodes (roundworms); trematodes (flukes); cestodes (tapeworms); protozoa; lamblia; amoeba; Trichomonas; chlamydia; toxoplasma; trypanosomes; pneumocytes; balantidia; Leishmania and etc. Has a selective effect on ticks: cereal mites; demodex; scabies mite; dust mites, etc.
05. Anti-pain program.
The principle of operation of the "anti-pain" programs is based on the imitation of autogenous impulses, which are transmitted through the skin to nerve and muscle fibers with the help of electrodes. The electrodes can be placed on different parts of the body, and the resulting electrical irritation is safe and virtually painless. You only feel slight itching or vibration with certain methods of application. The electrical impulses transmitted into the tissue affect the transmission of excitation along the nerves, as well as the nerve nodes and muscle groups in the area of ​​application. The effect of electrical stimulation, as a rule, becomes visible only after regular repeated use. Electrical stimulation is not a substitute for regular muscle training, but rather complements its effect. The analgesic and pain-relieving effect is achieved by suppressing the transmission of pain along the nerves (primarily due to high-frequency impulses) and increasing the release of autogenous endorphin, which reduces sensitivity to pain due to its action on the central nervous system, which stimulates the antinociceptive system. The method has been scientifically proven and approved for medical use. Indications for the use of the anti-pain program: neuralgia; mono- and polyneuropathies; plexitis and plexopathy; back pain due to muscle-tonic syndrome; complaints in the lumbar and cervical spine; myopatosis; joint pain (eg, knee, hip, shoulder); headaches; pain during menstruation in women; pain after injuries of the musculoskeletal system; pain in circulatory disorders (vegetative vasopathy); chronic pain caused by various reasons.
06. Metabolic (metabolic or metabolic disorders)
Combines pathogenetic and etiotropic therapy. Has a therapeutic effect on the neuroendocrine and mesenchymal pathology. The program is applied locally in problem areas.It should be noted that the use of the metabolic program gives a general harmonizing effect on the main links of metabolism, which makes it possible to use this program for such diseases: diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypothalamic syndrome, atherosclerosis, metabolic encephalopolyneuropathies, liver diseases and many other diseases, in the pathogenesis of which metabolic disorders play an essential role.
07. Homeostasis program
A set of frequency-wave effects that maintain or restore the constancy of the internal environment of the body. The program uses the body's self-regulation capabilities to maintain the constancy of the internal state through coordinated reactions aimed at maintaining dynamic balance. The desire of the system to reproduce itself, to restore the lost balance, to overcome the resistance of the external environment. Shown as application for all adaptive situations (stress, acclimatization, surgical interventions and preparation for them, severe chronic diseases, acute processes proceeding with intoxication, etc.). Shown as a mandatory “basic program in the treatment of all pathological conditions.
08. Regeneration program (cell-tissue regeneration).
The mechanism for implementing the "regeneration" program is to stabilize the membrane potential of the cell by restoring the normal operation of ion pumps, as well as the process of ATP hydrolysis. The cell membrane is involved in the regulation of metabolism between the cell and its environment. Possessing selective permeability, biological membranes regulate the concentration of salts, sugars, amino acids and other metabolic products in cells. The main characteristic of the effective work of a cell is its ability to respond to external influences or excitability, which depends on the state of its membranes. Restoration of normal functional activity of a cell, cellular homeostasis (concentration of ions, activity of enzymes of cellular respiration, concentration of nutrients) directly depend on the state of its membranes, and the consistency of the mechanisms of transmembrane transfer. Thus, stabilization of membrane processes, which occurs under the influence of specific for this type of tissue signals, leads to the restoration of the working potential of the cell and its functional activity, increases the level of tissue adaptability, accelerates and harmonizes metabolic processes in them. The application of the regeneration program locally in the area of ​​the projection of the liver and spleen has a systemic immunomodulatory effect. The program is applied locally, using external sticky electrodes in the projection of problem areas (Duodenal ulcer - epigastric region, discopathy - paravertebral region of the corresponding areas of the spinal column), as well as by affecting the zones of energy-information exchange (biologically active zones of the body surface), which enhances therapeutic effect due to neurovegetative mechanisms.
01. Respiratory
Indications: adenoids, rhinitis (of various etiologies, including viral infection, allergies), sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, ethmoiditis, sphenoiditis, laryngitis, frontal sinusitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, acute chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pleurisy, pneumonia (various etiologies), cough (in m h infectious, allergic, smoker)
02. Digestive
Indications Diseases of the stomach and duodenal ulcer: gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis and duodenitis, chronic gastroenteritis, functional gastric dyspepsia, reflux esophagitis and esophagospasm, diseases of the operated stomach, gastralgia, duodenostasis. Diseases of the liver and biliary tract: biliary dyskinesia, chronic acalculous cholecystitis, postcholecystectomy syndrome, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis (compensated and subcompensated stage), fatty degeneration of the liver. Pancreatic diseases: chronic pancreatitis, fermentopathy. Bowel diseases: chronic enteritis and enterocolitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic colitis, postoperative intestinal paresis, constipation (constipation).
03. Musculoskeletal
Indications: arthritis, arthrosis, bursitis, myalgia (muscle pain), osteoporosis, osteochondrosis, gout, protrusion of the intervertebral disc, tendinitis
04. Neural
Indications: angioedema, alcoholism, arachnoiditis, ataxia, aneurysm, Wilson's disease, Down's disease, Meniere's disease, Parkinson's disease, Friedreich's disease, Vibration disease, ganglionitis, hepatocerebral dystrophy, herpes zoster, childhood hypothalamic syndrome, decompressional decompression diabetic polyneuropathy, closed injuries of the spine and spinal cord, ischemic stroke (restorative therapy), oxygen deprivation (hypoxic conditions), meningitis (restorative theraia), migraine, myelitis, myotonia, trigeminal neuralgia, neurasthenia, neurosis, neuropathy, neuroborreliosis, burn disease , osteochondrosis, primary damage to the nervous system in HIV infection, polyneuropathy, chronic fatigue syndrome, syringomyelia, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, vascular diseases of the nervous system, toxoplasmosis of the nervous system, chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency, cysticercosis of the brain, echinoco head pulp, encephalitis.
05. Cardiovascular
Indications: atherosclerosis, Raynaud's disease, hypertopic disease, hypotonic disease, ischemic heart disease, angina pectoris, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, neurocirculatory dystonia, pericarditis, rheumatism, rheumatic heart disease, heart failure, endocarditis.
06. Urinary
Indications: glomerulonephritis, dysmetabolic (metabolic) nephropathy, urinary tract infections, stones in the bladder and ureter, kidney stones (nephrolithiasis), urolithiasis (urolithiasis), neurogenic bladder, parasitic diseases of the genitourinary organs, paranephritis, pyagelonephropathy , urethritis, chronic renal failure, cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), acute and chronic cystitis, enuresis.
07. Reproductive
Indications: infectious diseases, adhesions in the small pelvis; chronic pelvic pain; dysfunction of the ovaries; prostate adenoma, allergic edema of the scrotum, balanitis, balanoposthitis (inflammation of the glans penis and foreskin), benign prostatic hyperplasia, orchitis (inflammation of the testicle), prostatitis, erectile dysfunction.
08. Endocrine
Indications: hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, diffuse toxic goiter, thyrotoxic adenoma, autoimmune thyroiditis, subacute thyroiditis, diabetes mellitus
09. Immune
Indications: Immunodeficiency diseases (all infectious, parasitic diseases, AIDS, hepatitis, cirrhosis, diabetes, uremia, etc.) Autoimmune diseases systemic lupus erythematosus, Graves' disease, autoimmune thyroiditis, pancreatitis and so on. Allergic diseases urticaria, hay fever, bronchial asthma, contact dermatitis. Arising as a result of the body's hyperimmune reaction to the effects of factors - allergens (food, chemicals, plants, microorganisms, etc.)
10. Covering
Indications: infectious (viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic) lesions of the skin and mucous membranes, dermatitis of various etiologies (including allergic ones), HIV, rashes of various etiologies, burns.
11. Visual
Indications: computer eye syndrome, watery eyes, neck pain and headaches
01. Antistress
Indications: prolonged stress, increased fatigue, decreased performance, irritability, tension, anxiety, depressed mood, loss of habitual interests, unmotivated fears, sleep disturbances, in asthenic and anxiety disorders of a neurotic nature. etc
02. Vitalization
Indications: as a basic general program in the treatment of severe psycho-somatic pathological conditions (for example, chronic pathological processes in organs and systems) to trigger a number of intracellular biochemical and biophysical reactions.
03. Meteosensitivity
Indications: meteopathies, meteoneuroses, dystonia, headaches, stress, hormonal dysfunctions, chronic diseases of the joints, cardiovascular system, asthma;
04. Strength of Earth
Indications: for all pathological conditions, protection from electromagnetic radiation, for example, after flights, long travels, with a long stay in front of a computer, increased fatigue, decreased performance, general weakness, dystonia, headache, dizziness, memory impairment, sleep disorders, irritability, etc.
05. Immunomodulation
Indications: as a basic general program in the treatment of severe psycho-somatic pathological conditions (for example, chronic pathological processes in organs and systems) to trigger a number of intracellular biochemical and biophysical reactions.
06. Desensitization
Indications: blood desensitization is a program, the use of which is indicated for all infectious-allergic, toxic-allergic reactive processes, allergic conditions of various origins.
07. Detoxication
Indications: Detoxification is based on the possibility of strengthening the natural function in the body through the oxidation of cytochrome oxidase system of the liver, normalization of phagocytosis, as well as increased excretion of exo- and endotoxins via the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and lungs. Rekomendovna as the final program during therapy.
08. Lymphatic drainage
Indications: for all chronic pathological conditions. With significant tissue edema, the lymphatic capillaries are compressed, which blocks the "pumping" function of the lymphatic system. Disorders accompanied by intravascular blood coagulation increase the viscosity of blood and lymph, promote tissue stagnation, increase osmotic pressure, and deteriorate rheology (viscosity) of liquid media. Restricting lymph drainage exacerbates inflammation, creating a vicious circle that requires therapeutic intervention to eliminate it. Drainage of lymph, which is ensured by the operation of the device, allows you to remove from the intercellular space not only toxic waste products of infectious agents, but also pathologically altered lymphocytes, immune complexes, antibodies and antibody-producing cellular structures. This significantly reduces the activity of the autoimmune process, prevents the formation of autoantigens or autoantigenic factors. All this stimulates reparative (restorative) processes, creates favorable conditions for the restoration of the functions of organs and systems, exerting a stimulating effect on the immunocompetent zones of the lymphoid organs, causes an increase in the production and maturation of cells of the immune system, contributes to the restoration of a disturbed dynamic balance in the immune defense system.
09. Cell regeneration
Indications: regeneration and restoration of cells in all pathological processes. Use as an additional program during the treatment of all chronic pathological conditions. Through the use of the program, a matrix structure of cell renewal and intracellular element is formed
Be always healthy, vigorous and active for many, many years - with the ATM Lanta ZL device.
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Sergey Pavlovich

I found out about the center on the Internet. I was interested in an unusual type of diagnosis, a food test and its price, which is lower than in other centers. As it turned out, the test was not by blood, but by hardware, without pain. On the same day I received a result and a doctor’s consultation. I try to feed on it, I test it so to speak. More about the results later.


I applied to Altimed in the summer of 2020, with my mother. Problems like all elderly people – high blood pressure, swelling, dizziness, arthritis. Vision deteriorated, noisy in my ears. She drank so many pills that it was possible to replace the normal diet. I took a course of 10 sessions, another month later. I didn’t believe it – the portion of the medicine was halved (!!!), my sleep improved, the edema subsided. The pressure stopped jumping.

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I express my gratitude to the Altimed team. I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for the colossal help, for the responsiveness, for the quality treatment, for the medical ethics and for the professionalism in my field. Thank you Elena Ivanovna for your endless kindness and warm attitude. Thank you Irina Valentinovna for helping to solve my problem with my arm and shoulder. I wish you all the best and only grateful patients.

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