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The device for structuring water Aquaactivator ATM

Aquaactivator ATM household appliance to create living and dead water

The device is very easy to use, compact, fully automatic (all you need to do is select the mode and press a button, ATM Aqua Activator will do the rest).

It's no secret that the intake of quality food and clean water prolongs life for many years.
One of such developments in the company Altimed is a device for structuring liquid Aquaactivator ATM.

This device will be indispensable in everyday life, as well as it may be useful to you when traveling, you never know what quality water will be outside the native walls.

Principle of operation:
By affecting the structure of water with an electromagnetic field of certain characteristics, it contributes to the formation in the water volume of a regular crystal lattice with a predominance of right-handed tetramers.
Due to complex redox processes, water passed through the device becomes crystal clear, is enriched with oxygen and acquires healing properties like melt water from high-altitude glaciers or water after passing through waterfalls.
Activated water has antioxidant (antioxidant) activity and can be used to protect the body from the action of complex urban pollution. It cleanses and quickly removes metabolic products from the body, freeing it from heavy metal salts, toxins and other harmful substances, protects against the effects of radiation and even slows down the reproduction of cancer cells and the growth of tumors. It improves metabolic processes, improves immunity, promotes the removal of toxins from the body, increases the rate of water-salt metabolism, increases the body’s energy resources, has a powerful tonic and restorative effect.
The functional basis of the body's vital activity is the balance of oxidative and reducing biochemical processes in it. Water is responsible for these processes as the primary solvent in a chemical sense and as the main structural element of the body in biological terms. The intensity of redox reactions depends on the activity of electrons in aqueous solutions, which is characterized by the reduction potential  parameter, measured in millivolts. The higher the reduction potential  the more acidic the environment, the more capable it is for the destruction of intermolecular bonds, for the oxidation of molecules; and vice versa: the lower the eduction potential of the medium, the higher its reducing ability. Both for that and for other activity of electrons is responsible, which in the case of high reduction potential are actively selected from molecular groups, and in the case of low Reduction potential are actively transmitted, being imposed on them by stimulating appropriate chemical reactions.
This water acts as an electron donor, it has a high bioavailability, is used by the body as a reserve of antioxidant protection against the adverse effects of the external environment, accelerates the process of binding and removing toxic products.