Medical device for bioresonance therapy ATM Lanta Z

«Lanta-Z is a highly efficient apparatus of a professional level, which has an inactivating effect on pathogenic macro-and microorganisms and their toxins, as well as contributing to their complete elimination from the body. The device is designed for antiparasitic, antiprotozoal, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral therapy using active exogenous frequency wave therapy in conditions of medical institutions (medical centers, specialized rooms, sanatoriums, etc.), as well as at home under the supervision of a specialist.

The apparatus is based on the principle of selective influence by structured electromagnetic oscillations of a certain frequency, shape and amplitude on different types of pathogens. The working range of the device corresponds to the frequency characteristics of the entire spectrum of pathogenic flora and is divided into 5 modes of exposure, which allows, depending on the evidence, to purposefully influence one or another type of pathogen or their combination.

To enhance exposure in the device Lanta-Z used infrared radiation (IR). Radiation power is very low thousandths of watt. Under the action of electromagnetic resonant frequencies and polarized infrared radiation, pathogenic microorganisms are inactivated due to changes in specific proteins embedded in the plasma membrane. As a result, a locking transmembrane potential is established on the plasma membrane of pathogenic microorganisms, reducing the activity of biochemical processes in the microbial cell and weakening its protective functions.

Microprocessor (electronic) control of the process of selecting and supplying a therapeutic signal (frequency, shape and amplitude of the therapeutic impulse) allows selecting the treatment plan with maximum precision and focus, eliminating the likelihood of overshoot, as is often the case in cases of manual (mechanical) process control selection and formation of therapeutic effects.

Description of Modes

Mode 1
Antifungal has a selective effect on the entire spectrum of fungal flora.

Mode 2
Antibacterial and antivirus It has a selective effect on the entire spectrum of bacteria and viruses.

Mode 3
Antigelmintny and antiprotozoal It has a selective effect on the entire spectrum of helminths and protozoa.

Mode 4
General includes anthelmintic, antiviral (including papillomavirus and warts), antibacterial, antiprotozoal and anti-tick-borne anti-tick programs. It affects helminths, viruses, bacteria and ticks.

Mode 5
Lymph drainage program. Shown in cases of lymphostasis. With a significant swelling of tissues, compression of the lymphatic capillaries occurs, which blocks the “pumping” function of the lymphatic system. Violations accompanied by intravascular coagulation of blood, increase the viscosity of blood and lymph, contribute to tissue stagnation, increased osmotic pressure, deterioration of the rheology (viscosity) of liquid media. Limiting lymphatic drainage exacerbates inflammatory processes, creating a vicious circle, which requires therapeutic intervention to eliminate. Draining lymph, which is provided by the device, allows you to remove from the intercellular space not only toxic metabolic products of infectious agents, but also pathologically changed lymphocytes, immune complexes, antibodies and antibody-producing cellular structures. This significantly reduces the activity of the autoimmune process, prevents the formation of autoantigens or autoantigen factors. All this stimulates reparative (regenerative) processes, creates favorable conditions for the restoration of the functions of organs and systems, providing a stimulating effect on the immune competent zones of lymphoid organs, causes an increase in the production and maturation of immune system cells, helps to restore impaired dynamic equilibrium in the immune defense system.