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The causes of dizziness are manifold. This is a key symptom of the development of most diseases. In healthy people, dizziness occurs when looking down from a great height, in the process of looking at clouds, with a sharp rise from a horizontal position. These are completely harmless conditions that do not require a specific approach. In fact, such a phenomenon is rare and occurs very rarely.

Frequent dizziness indicates the presence of obvious disorders on the part of the body. It is possible that the vestibular apparatus is affected and there are problems with the vessels.

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Panic attacks

Are you having panic attacks? Attacks cover for no apparent reason? An unpleasant spectrum of symptoms haunting you at any time of the day? In this situation, it is necessary to understand comprehensively. Often, when there is a panic attack, treatment must be prescribed by professionals based on diagnosis. Standard methods don’t work. Expensive antidepressants are not the answer. MC Altimed offers therapy with innovative techniques using adapted equipment.

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