Psychosomatics. Cold.


Do you have frequent colds that cannot be cured?

People who are energetic, happy, and relaxed are less likely to get colds, while those who are depressed, nervous, or angry are more likely to complain of cold symptoms.

It is well known that some “colds” are of psychosomatic origin, expressing an unconscious need to cry. The psychosomatics of colds is treated at our Altimed Medical Center.

Diagnostics and treatment of colds at MC Altimed

The Altimed Medical Center has a completely new approach to diagnosis and treatment, especially if you have a psychosomatics of colds. Before starting therapy, it is necessary to undergo diagnostics in order to identify the real causes of frequent ARVI. We practice non-invasive diagnostics, which means no pain during the procedure. This is especially true for children, but equally important for adults.

Functional screening – displays what causes the body to react to viruses, and also allows you to determine the general condition of systems and organs, the immune system and others.

ATM Express Vega – the ability to quickly draw up an effective treatment plan, relieving the patient from the symptoms of a cold. In addition, it determines the presence of infectious pathogens, the nature of processes in tissues, whether there are hidden diseases in the human body

Based on the results obtained, we draw up a step-by-step treatment plan, and it will give positive results in a short time.

What is the psychosomatics of colds?

If you have psychosomatic bronchitis, the reasons may be as follows: stress or anxiety can affect our breathing, irritating the throat and limiting oxygen supply. Coughing is a natural way to get rid of this problem, but in reality it is ineffective.

Frequent colds psychosomatics are fear and anxiety. For example, those who are afraid to get sick with ARVI, as a result, receive such a diagnosis. During nervous fluctuations, the immune system weakens and it is easier for the virus to infect the body. As doctors say, constant depression and stress attract diseases.

Some of the most common primary physiological effects of stress and anxiety on the body include the release of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol), changes in your circulatory and respiratory system, muscle tension, and decreased immune function.

These systemic effects lead to certain symptoms throughout the body. The immune system’s ability to regulate inflammation determines who gets the cold, but more importantly, it explains how stress can contribute to illness. When under stress, cells of the immune system cannot respond to hormonal control and therefore produce levels of inflammation that contribute to disease.

Often there is the psychosomatics of influenza, when a person has suggested to himself that he may be susceptible to illness, regularly monitors statistics, reads about all the symptoms, and eventually discovers them in himself.

When do i need to contact MC Altimed?

If you are regularly sick, feel unwell, or have a sore throat, it may be a psychosomatic cold. It is not always possible to figure it out on your own. You can find out the reasons after passing a thorough examination in our clinic.

When should you contact us?

  1. You get colds more often 3-4 times a year.
  2. A cold is accompanied by a cough, sore throat.
  3. You feel weak.
  4. You have a weakened immune system.
  5. Constantly sleepy, lethargic.
  6. Frequent rise in temperature.

These and other symptoms may indicate that this is an ARVI psychosomatics. But to make sure of this, sign up for a diagnosis with us.

How is colds treated at MC Altimed?

We work with each client individually, as all cases are special. This is why there are several treatment options.

  1. Inpatient, staying in our clinic and using our equipment.
  2. At home, using our equipment.

Inpatient therapy includes the use of three-component therapy: ATM TR Lanta ZL devices of passive bioresonance therapy ATM BRT.

After choosing home treatment, you will need to buy a Helper ML device and one of the Lanta series devices. Also, we use in our practice PEMF technology (electromagnetic), cell-tissue and antiparasitic therapy.

Our goal is to eliminate the root causes of the common cold. At the same time, during treatment, immunity is strengthened, the work of the main functions of organs and systems at the cellular and tissue levels is restored.

Why is it worth choosing MC Altimed for treatment of cold diseases associated with psychosomatics?

Is a modern approach to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases important to you? You should make an appointment with us in Kiev.

  1. The latest equipment of our own production.
  2. Non-invasive diagnostic methods.
  3. Individual work with each client.
  4. Availability of devices for therapy of our own production with all certificates.

The psychosomatic cold is a common problem, and we will help you cope with it and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

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