What is dopamine?

Dopamine is a chemical that is produced in the brain and makes you feel good. The right amount of dopamine is important for both your body and your brain.

Dopamine helps nerve cells send messages to each other. It is produced by a group of nerve cells in the center of the brain and sends messages to other parts of the brain.

Dopamine is responsible for making you feel pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. When you feel good about accomplishing something, it is because there is a release of dopamine in your brain.

However, you may begin to crave more of this dopamine “reward,” which is triggered by a variety of pleasurable experiences, including delicious food, sex, winning the game, and making money. Alcohol and many illegal drugs also trigger the release of dopamine, which is partly why people become addicted to them.

The hormone dopamine also plays a role in the control of memory, mood, sleep, learning, concentration, and body movement. Low dopamine levels can reduce motivation and anxiety. It is associated with several mental illnesses, including depression, schizophrenia, and psychosis.

But sometimes there is an excess of dopamine. Too much dopamine, concentrated in some parts of the brain and not enough in other parts, is associated with increased competitiveness, aggressiveness, and poor impulse control. This can lead to conditions that include ADHD, overeating, addiction, and gambling.

In Parkinson’s disease, the dopamine-producing nerve cells gradually die. Since dopamine helps control muscles, it leads to problems with muscle stiffness and mobility.

Lack of dopamine

Dopamine is released in situations where people are experiencing pleasure. The release of dopamine helps enhance enjoyable behavior, increasing the likelihood that a person will repeat that behavior to get the same feeling.

If you experience irritation, mood swings, lack of motivation to do something, apathy, it is possible that you have low dopamine. The specialists of our Altimed Medical Center will tell you how to improve it.

Diagnostics and treatment of dopamine lack in MC Altimed

Dopamine receptors play an important role in the human body. If you notice the slightest irregularities in their work, contact the specialists. We carry out diagnostics using modern equipment. Non-invasive methods that give fast and accurate results.

Functional screening shows the state of the immune system and the whole body in general.

ATM Vega Test determines the cause of the disease, how difficult the situation is, where and which organ is damaged.

If dopamine synthesis is impaired, our specialist will see this during the diagnosis and will be able to choose an effective treatment just for you. We assign each patient an individual course based on the diagnostic results obtained.

When do i need to contact MC Altimed?

The symptoms of a dopamine imbalance depend on what is causing the problem. They include:

  • muscle spasms; 
  • muscle stiffness;
  • digestive problems such as constipation or reflux;
  • pneumonia;
  • sleep problems;
  • slowing down of movement and speech; 
  • feeling tired and lack of motivation or sadness and lack of hope;
  • low libido (sex drive);
  • hallucinations.

How to raise dopamine? You can raise low dopamine levels by addressing the cause of the problem. This could be mental illness, stress, lack of sleep, drug abuse, obesity, or eating too much sugar and saturated fat. Low dopamine levels can also be caused by adrenal problems.

You can naturally increase your dopamine levels by eating a healthy diet, including foods rich in L-tyrosine (a protein essential for the production of dopamine). These include almonds, avocados, bananas, beef, chicken, and eggs. It is also claimed that supplements of turmeric, vitamin D, magnesium and omega-3 are a source of dopamine.

Activities that make you feel good also increase dopamine levels. These include exercise, meditation, massage, and adequate sleep. Reflecting on your accomplishments and all the good things in your life can also help.

How does the treatment of dopamine lack in the MC Altimed procedure?

When dopamine is lowered, how to increase it is an actual question. Our experts will help you do this quickly and efficiently.

We use devices of our own production, which have all the certificates and have proven their effectiveness in practice.

Apparatus for electromagnetic (PEMF) therapy at home ATM Helper Personal. This is a device, the principle of which is frequency-wave therapy. No pain, discomfort and lengthy procedures. It will help restore harmony in your body. Easy to use, but most importantly, it has a wide range of purposes.

You will be told about this in more detail at the consultation. Affordable price for a device that will help you get rid of many diseases.

Why is it worth choosing MC Altimed for treatment of dopamine deficiency?

Our medical center Altimed practices modern approaches in the treatment of various diseases, including a lack of hormones. Our patients are satisfied with the services provided. The key features of the center are as follows:

  1. Affordable prices for all services and devices
  2. Understanding, experienced staff.
  3. Individual approach to each client.
  4. Effective courses of therapy.
  5. No pain or discomfort.

To make an appointment for a consultation at a convenient time for you, call 0-800-600-0-80 (free of charge). We will answer all your questions and select the appropriate date and time.

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