nedostatok melatonina simptomy

Lack of melatonin

Sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to improving your productivity and concentration. The sleep hormone melatonin has a powerful effect. If there is a deficiency, it can lead to signs of anxiety, poor stress responses, insomnia, and waking up too early in the morning. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced on its own, but for various reasons (described below), its level may decrease. At the same time, you can control it, and contribute to an increase in its production in the body.

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Dopamine is a chemical that is produced in the brain and makes you feel good. The right amount of dopamine is important for both your body and your brain.

Dopamine helps nerve cells send messages to each other. It is produced by a group of nerve cells in the center of the brain and sends messages to other parts of the brain.

Dopamine is responsible for making you feel pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. When you feel good about accomplishing something, it is because there is a release of dopamine in your brain.

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anxiety and stress

Stress hormones: cortisol and adrenaline

Stress is a biological response to difficult situations. This causes the body to release hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones help prepare the body for action by raising the heart rate and breathing rate, creating an increased state of alertness or arousal. This response to certain situations is designed to protect you from threats from predators, whether physical or psychological.

But how can you lower your cortisol levels if you have chronic stress? Obviously, to reduce the number of stressful situations, and for a faster and more effective recovery, contact us at MC Altimed.

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endorfiny kak poluchit


Endorphin is a group of hormones produced primarily in parts of the brain known as the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. The word comes from the combination endogenous, which means growth or arising in the body, and morphine, an opioid drug used to treat moderate to severe pain.

Usually endorphins are released in response to stress or pain and carry messages from one neuron to another throughout our nervous system, minimizing our perception of pain.

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kak povysit serotonin


The serotonin levels in your body and brain significantly affect your mood. This hormone plays an extremely important role in your overall well-being. If you notice that you have disturbed sleep, constant mood swings, fatigue, apathy, you may have a decreased production of serotonin.

How to increase serotonin in the body without medication? Sign up for a consultation at MC Altimed.

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