Helicobacter pylori

Do you have stomach pains, nausea, indigestion? Can’t overcome unpleasant symptoms in any way? Perhaps they are caused by the penetration of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori into the body. In MC Altimed, functional screening and in-depth diagnostics of the body are carried out, aimed at identifying disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. We are guided by modern methods of therapy, which guarantees the most effective and safe result. The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori are a really good reason to go to a medical center. Otherwise, the condition will gradually worsen, causing the development of ulcers and neoplasms in the stomach.

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stafilokokkovaya infekciya

Staphylococcal infection

Staphylococcus aureus is a type of bacteria found on human skin, in the nose, armpits, groin, and other areas. While these microbes are not always harmful, they can cause disease under certain circumstances. S. aureus is a leading cause of skin and soft tissue infections such as abscesses, boils, boils, and cellulite (red, swollen, painful, warm skin).

S. aureus germs can also cause more serious infections such as pneumonia, bloodstream infections, endocarditis (infection of the inner lining of the heart chambers and heart valves), and infections of bones and joints. Specialists of the Altimed Medical Center will help you quickly cure Staphylococcus aureus.

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sinusit simptomy


Sinusitis (swelling of the sinuses) can affect people of any age. It can be very painful and can make you feel stuffy.

The lining of the sinuses secretes mucus. This mucus is usually excreted through the nose and throat. But if your sinus lining becomes swollen due to an infection or allergy, it can cause a blockage and the mucus cannot drain.

Most people with sinusitis do not need to see a doctor. The condition is usually caused by a viral infection that goes away on its own.

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Nail fungus

Toenail fungus is the general name for a nail infection caused primarily by a class of fungi called dermatophytes. The infection can affect any part of your nail, including the nail plate, bed, and root. However, 85% of nail fungal infections occur under the nail plate, on the nail bed. Fungus on toenails occurs seven times more often than on hands.

If you have a toenail or fingernail disease, you should start testing and treating it immediately. A fungus is an infection that can even enter the bloodstream and cause a number of unpleasant consequences in the form of diseases.

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Do you often have pharyngitis? Or do you have red spots on your skin? Increased body temperature and aches? It is possible that you have a streptococcal infection. Treatment should be started as early as possible in order to avoid negative consequences.

Streptococcal infections are diseases that cause streptococci.

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Epstein-Barr virus

Epstein-Barr disease is a type 4 human herpes virus. According to the description, it does not represent anything serious. But under the influence of provoking factors, it is able to cause the development of infectious mononucleosis and even tumor-like neoplasms. It is this virus that is the root cause of the appearance of Burkitt’s lymph. It is noteworthy that Epstein-Barr is diagnosed in almost 95% of the world’s population. Only now, not all people have it accompanied by an acute course, and in some cases it does not manifest itself at all.

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