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Diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus

Are you worried about recurring ringing in your ears? Is the noise getting worse and the condition worsening? Do your usual therapies fail? It is necessary to look for the causes of tinnitus at a deeper level, carrying out a comprehensive diagnosis of the body in combination with functional screening. You can go through all the procedures at MC Altimed. We offer our clients favorable conditions, with the possibility of purchasing innovative devices for treatment at home.

Noise in ears – basic information

Constant ringing in the ears is a common pathological process. This symptom occurs in almost every fifth person. It causes a lot of inconvenience and disturbs concentration. Regular noise affects sleep quality. In such a bundle, the body is in constant stress, which negatively affects the functioning of all organs and systems.

If it rings in the ears, the reasons for this phenomenon can be varied:

  • hearing loss. This is due to both congenital defect and age-related changes;
  • diseases of the outer and middle ear, including otitis media, swelling of the tympanic membrane;
  • prolonged exposure to loud sound leads to intense ringing and noise, often accompanied by a headache;
  • long-term therapy with antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Meniere’s disease, accompanied by dizziness and temporary hearing loss;
  • neuroma of the auditory nerve. This is a tumor-like formation, accompanied by intense noise;
  • pathology of the muscles of the soft palate;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hepatitis, etc.

Do you have tinnitus, the reasons for which are not clear? They are multifaceted, it is possible to determine the true cause only through a comprehensive diagnosis of the body. Various pathologies are capable of provoking a violation. Often people have an increased sensitivity to sounds. This syndrome is called hyperacusis. When the sound is intense, there is ringing and whistling in the ears. This is a temporary phenomenon that repeats regularly under the influence of provoking factors.

When to contact MC Altimed

Do you have a noise in your ear? Does an unpleasant symptom pester you and does not allow you to live normally? Do you not understand why the noise in your ears? You need comprehensive support! You can contact MC Altimed at the first manifestations of symptoms. Perhaps this is a signal of a serious disorder in the body. It is noteworthy that many patients report the following symptoms:

  • ringing;
  • buzz;
  • the sound of a roaring aircraft engine;
  • whistling;
  • clicks, etc.

Noise is just a generic name. If you have a whistling in your ears, the cause can be determined during a diagnosis. Often, this symptom is a harbinger of thyroid disorders, the development of hypertension, anemia and other disorders.

Diagnostics and treatment of noise in the ears in MC Altimed

Diagnostics and treatment of tinnitus is carried out in MC Altimed using modern equipment of its own production. We are the developers of innovative equipment that ensures the natural recovery of the body without medication. Diagnostics is aimed at determining the causes if a constant squeak in the ears and other unpleasant manifestations. Based on the results, complex therapy is prescribed.

Diagnostics of noise in the ears in MC Altimed

Do you have a noise in one ear? We offer a quick and safe way to determine the cause of this symptom. Altimed company carries out complex diagnostics of the organism using functional screening. A deep assessment of the performance of organs and body systems is aimed at identifying obvious violations.

Diagnostics is carried out by the ATM Express Test program, which is aimed at registering wave processes in the patient’s body. A comprehensive scan of the body allows you to get a chart of 30 indicators. Diagnostic data is a full-fledged reflection of the state of organs and systems. When tinnitus occurs, treatment is given after diagnosis.

ATM Vega Test is another type of diagnostics, which is aimed at obtaining data on the state of the body at the cellular level (cause-and-effect relationships).

Important! The deep diagnostic method is contraindicated for persons with a pacemaker!

How is the treatment of noise in the ears at Altimed MC

At the Altimed Medical Center, tinnitus is treated with physiotherapy devices that you can use at home – ATM Helper ML and Helper Personal. They actively eliminate the unpleasant manifestations of the disease, contributing to the active recovery of the whole organism. Treatment takes place by emitting electromagnetic pulses at specific frequencies.

Using the devices at home is absolutely safe.

The innovative treatments have been researched to ensure they are safe!

Why it is worth choosing MC Altimed for treatment of noise in ears

When tinnitus is constant, pressure is one of the reasons for disturbances in the functioning of the hearing organs, congenital abnormalities and even problems with the endocrine system can also cause these unpleasant sensations. If you have a pulsating noise in your ear, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible. Just imagine how many specialists need to be bypassed to make the correct diagnosis? Altimed Medical Center offers a completely different approach! Modern equipment for functional screening allows you to check all organs and systems of the body in one go. The result obtained reflects the general condition and indicates the affected areas. This action minimizes any time spent and allows you to get a diagnosis right now!

We save not only time, but also keep health! Long visits to doctors increase the likelihood of the transition of the disease to a chronic stage with complications!

Our main advantages are as follows:

  1. The modern approach to diagnostics and therapy is painless.
  2. Comfortable premises with a new renovation.
  3. Experienced and understanding staff.
  4. Affordable prices for all services and equipment.

Sign up for a consultation! We work according to patented treatment schemes with an individual approach to each client!

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