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Dizziness – causes and treatment

Do you have dizziness that can’t be cured? Symptom does not allow to live normally? Doctors cannot identify the true cause of the development of regular dizziness? MC Altimed is what you need! Qualified medical personnel will carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of the disorder in order to identify the weak side in the body. Based on a full-fledged study, the causes of dizziness will be determined and therapy will be prescribed. Treatment is carried out through innovative devices that affect the active points of the body.

Duzzer – main causes

The causes of dizziness are manifold. This is a key symptom of the development of most diseases. In healthy people, dizziness occurs when looking down from a great height, in the process of looking at clouds, with a sharp rise from a horizontal position. These are completely harmless conditions that do not require a specific approach. In fact, such a phenomenon is rare and occurs very rarely.

Frequent dizziness indicates the presence of obvious disorders on the part of the body. It is possible that the vestibular apparatus is affected and there are problems with the vessels. The main reasons for this phenomenon may be:

  • inflammatory processes;
  • tumor processes;
  • violations from the vestibular apparatus;
  • inflammation of the inner ear (otitis media).

With otitis media, severe dizziness is recorded along with acute pain in the ear, as well as hearing loss.

Quite often, an unpleasant symptom occurs due to high or low blood pressure, as well as poisoning or blood loss. In addition, dizziness (vertigo) indicates the presence of anemia, as well as a lack of red blood cells in the body.

It is impossible to determine the cause of the phenomenon on your own. Only a competent specialist will help in this matter.

When to contact MC Altimed

If your head is spinning, and no methods can help get rid of a debilitating symptom, you need to trust the professionals. As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons for this phenomenon. They can be both simple (fatigue, depression) and severe (neoplasms, acute inflammatory processes). Not a single person is able to independently determine the cause. This requires a functional approach with a full examination of the body.

Constantly dizzy? Do not tolerate this symptom! Contact Altimed Medical Center. Especially if the condition does not improve, but minor ones are added to the main symptom.

Diagnostics and treatment of visualise in MC Altimed

If you have dizziness, treatment is prescribed after diagnosis. At MC Altimed, it is carried out using modern technical equipment. We do not prescribe a bunch of medications, pills and useless supplements. Altimed had stepped forward a long time ago. We are engaged in the independent development of innovative equipment that affects the body through waves of different frequencies. It is a natural process that promotes the recovery of the body at the cellular level. It directs the body to fight without pharmaceuticals. More details will be presented below.

Diagnostics of vision in MC Altimed

Vertigo diagnosis is accompanied by a complete functional examination of the body. This is a generalized symptom that fits most diseases. To identify the weaknesses of the body and determine the violations, it is necessary to carry out a full functional screening and in-depth diagnostics.

Assessment of the general condition of organs and systems is carried out using the ATM Vega Test. This is an innovative method aimed at deep diagnostics of the body. It functions on a causal basis. This technique has become widespread. This is due to high performance and safety. 

The main advantages of modern diagnostic techniques:

  • security;
  • painlessness (any discomfort is excluded);
  • saving time and finances;
  • detection of all pathogens;
  • the procedure takes place without interfering with the body;
  • the examination result is ready immediately;
  • no side effects;
  • study of the body, with the inclusion of all organs and systems;
  • lack of preliminary preparation. 

Sudden dizziness is a good reason to undergo functional screening and diagnosis through the ATM Vega Test. Still have questions? Consultations are provided at the indicated phone numbers.

How does the treatment of visual distance at Altimed MC

Dizziness treatment is quick and easy – this is about MC Altimed. Therapy is prescribed on an individual basis, immediately after a comprehensive functional screening and in-depth diagnostics. Based on the information received, a team of professionals will prescribe the appropriate treatment.

The problem of vertigo is present in many people. And this is not always associated with serious violations. Symptom treatment is carried out on an innovative device of the ATM Helper Personal series. This is a device that acts on the lesion focus with waves of different frequencies. To eliminate regular dizziness, it is enough to undergo treatment according to the Dizziness program. The duration of exposure, the number of procedures and their intensity are determined on an individual basis.

From the specified line, the Helper ML device gives a good result. He has several programs of influence built in. To eliminate the unpleasant symptom, it is necessary to undergo the therapy of “Nervous diseases”, namely the program 125 “Dizziness”.

Sometimes the cause of vertigo is psychosomatics. To get rid of the symptoms and the cause, you must complete the full course of treatment. Contact us at the Altimed Medical Center at 0-800-600-0-80 (free of charge) and we will conduct a comprehensive diagnosis in order to choose the appropriate treatment.

Important! The complex of procedures, the apparatus, the duration of therapy and the intensity of the effect are prescribed by the doctor, after the diagnosis! Self-medication is excluded!

Why it is worth choosing mc altimed for treatment of head

Suffering from dizziness while lying down? No therapies work? We offer qualified support! In this case, drug therapy is not an option! It is necessary to influence the body frequently.

Contacting us is:

  • innovative methods of therapy;
  • absolute painlessness;
  • maximum efficiency;
  • personal approach;
  • saving time and finances;
  • modern equipment of domestic production.

Not sure why your head is spinning? Call us soon! Consultations are provided free of charge! We will select an effective therapy that will help get rid of an unpleasant symptom.

Here you can buy innovative devices for home treatment!

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