High fever without symptoms

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High fever without symptoms – causes and treatment

Do you have a fever with no symptoms that cannot be cured? Do medications restore the indicator for a limited time? Are there any symptoms other than fever? You need a comprehensive examination of the body! A high fever without symptoms in adults can be a sign of serious damage to organs and systems. A functional examination at the Altimed clinic will help determine the true cause of this process.

High temperature without symptoms – what is it?

High fever without symptoms in adults causes some stupor. Especially if, in general, the person feels normal. When such a symptom occurs, it is important to get full medical attention. The cause of the fever can be hidden in the inflammatory process, viral or bacterial damage to the body.

Possible provoking factors are:

  • infection with coronavirus (in the first days of the disease, only an increase in temperature can be recorded);
  • excessive bacterial load on the body;
  • acute food allergy (a symptom of a rise in temperature is rare, but this condition is not excluded). 

The change in temperature indicators is accompanied by a number of reasons. In women, a similar phenomenon is associated with the phases of the menstrual cycle and is often recorded with hormonal disorders. A slight increase is observed in stressful situations, with surges of adrenaline.

A temperature of 37 without symptoms is characteristic of the following conditions:

  • weakening of immunity;
  • sluggish infection;
  • condition after depression;
  • venereal disease. 

An elevated temperature without symptoms is often observed with heatstroke, cancer, systemic inflammatory processes in the body, infection, etc.

The hypothalamus is responsible for thermoregulation in the body; it works under the full control of the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems. In the event of a malfunction on their part, a slight increase in temperature may be recorded. In any case, deviations from the norm indicate a problem in the body.

So, a temperature of 39 without symptoms in an adult may indicate the development of:

  • sore throats;
  • pneumonia;
  • inflammation of the kidneys;
  • rheumatism and even heart attack. 

If the symptom persists within a week, and other disorders are not recorded, it is important to go to see a doctor. The main task of the doctor is to determine the true cause of the violations, and to exclude serious pathologies.

When to contact MC Altimed

High temperature for no reason is the main indication for visiting the Altimed Medical Center. Innovative equipment, combined with the high professionalism of doctors, will help identify the violation and develop an optimal therapy regimen.

If a symptom is recorded in a child, you cannot hesitate! Get help right away! This action will identify the violation at the initial stage of development and prevent serious complications.

Diagnostics, causes and treatment of high temperature without symptoms in MC Altimed

Diagnosis and treatment when high fever without other symptoms requires an integrated approach. This is due to a number of reasons contributing to the violation of thermoregulation. It is important to correctly identify the provoking factor, as well as choose the optimal method of therapy using certified devices. We provide natural treatment without medication. The therapy is carried out using devices that help restore the body at the cellular level.

Diagnostics of high temperature without symptoms in MC Altimed

Diagnosis when the temperature is without symptoms in an adult is carried out using modern devices. There are many reasons for the development of the current trait. In order to identify a weak point, it is important to carry out a full functional diagnosis. It is absolutely safe for patients of any age, and is freely used to examine the child’s body.

The main advantages of functional diagnostics:

  • quick results;
  • no pain and discomfort;
  • absolute safety;
  • high accuracy;
  • determination of a pathological condition at an early stage of development;
  • checking the functional state of all organs and systems. 

This method has practically no contraindications. It is not recommended to use a modern diagnostic method for pregnant women, people suffering from cancer, as well as mental disorders.

How does the treatment of high temperature process in MC Altimed

Temperature 38 without symptoms in an adult is treated at home using the innovative Lanta Z or Lanta Zl series devices. The therapy is carried out on the programs “Antiviral” and “Antibacterial” therapy. The duration of exposure and the number of procedures are determined on an individual basis, depending on the general condition of the patient and the cause of the increased temperature.

The therapy is also carried out on devices of the Helper Personal series. They are designed to prevent viral and bacterial load on the body. The average duration of treatment is 10 days, but it all depends on the accompanying symptoms and the general condition of the person. Only 30 minutes a day is required to eliminate the viral and bacterial cause of fever without symptoms.

Why it is worth choosing MC Altimed for treatment of high temperature without symptoms

Treatment, if the temperature is without signs of a cold, is carried out at the Altimed Medical Center. Why is it important to contact us? The main advantages are:

  • non-invasive effect on the body (without pain and discomfort);
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • innovative technical equipment;
  • an effective treatment plan;
  • affordable price range. 

You can buy devices for home treatment from us. For more information, please contact the specified phone numbers.

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