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Acne – diagnosis and treatment of the disease

You have a rash, and standard methods of treatment do not help, contact Altimed MC! We will not only be able to determine the cause of the disease, but also select the most effective treatment program for you using modern certified equipment. A personal approach and the use of updated technical equipment allows you to identify the true cause of acne and select the optimal therapy regimen.

Acne – basic information

Acne is a chronic condition of the sebaceous glands characterized by blockages in the hair follicles. In their place, acne forms with a pronounced inflammatory process. Most people squeeze out the rash on their own, which provokes their rapid spread, and in some cases – the addition of a secondary infection. Self-medication and similar techniques are not recommended, it is important to enlist the support of professionals.

The main causes of facial acne are:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • regular use of drugs (in particular, steroids);
  • unbalanced diet;
  • lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the body;
  • non-observance of hygiene rules;
  • infectious skin lesions;
  • abuse of cosmetics;
  • regular stress and nervous strain.

There are many factors influencing the development of acne. The surrounding ecological situation has a particular impact. Timely identification of the cause of acne contributes to the selection of competent and correct therapy.

When to contact MC Altimed

MC Altimed specializes in the complex therapy of acne and other skin lesions. Laser exposure alone is not enough, sometimes the problem lurks deep inside. Correct nutritional correction and restoration of hormonal levels have a beneficial effect on the general condition of the skin, including acne. This approach will help to get rid of the problem once and for all, as well as other inflammatory diseases. An optimal approach will be selected for each client, which guarantees a comfortable stay within the walls of the center.

When should you contact us? It is necessary to enlist the support of specialists with a pronounced clinical picture of the disease. The following symptoms indicate the development of acne:

  • small red bumps on the skin of the face and back;
  • brown pigmentation after “opening” the pimple;
  • increased secretion of sebum;
  • rapid contamination of the scalp.

Tired of regular breakouts? Does acne on the back cause discomfort? Is your face constantly covered with acne? This cannot be ignored! Elimination of the disease at the primary stage is a quick cleansing of the skin. In advanced stages, scars remain on the skin, and the rashes themselves occupy a large area.

Diagnostics and treatment of acne in MC Altimed

Diagnostics and treatment of acne on the territory of the medical center is carried out by leading specialists. In practice, we use modern technical equipment, which allows us to achieve maximum efficiency. Below we will consider the main methods of diagnosis and therapy.

Diagnostic measures in MC Altimed

Diagnosis of acne consists in a complete examination of the body. Specialists of a wide profile of the Altimed Medical Center will select the optimal set of diagnostic measures that are suitable for the client’s request. We listen to the needs of patients! The main way to assess the state of the body is functional diagnostics. After all, acne is not only an external, but also an internal problem. To determine the true cause, you need to go through a comprehensive examination. 

Functional diagnostics is aimed at determining:

  • the true cause of acne;
  • the likelihood of manifestations of diseases associated with hormonal background;
  • hidden psychological disorders (psychosomatics of acne is often associated with self-doubt, depression and stress);
  • the initial stage of any pathological process;
  • the state of the nervous system;
  • functioning of the digestive tract;
  • the state of the endocrine system.

There are really many reasons for the development of acne, regardless of etiology, we offer a comprehensive solution to any problem!

Acne treatment at Altimed MC

The diagnosis of acne is followed by a complete therapy. At the Altimed Medical Center, treatment includes three main stages that solve the following problems:

  • elimination of the true cause of the development of the disease;
  • restoration of hormonal balance;
  • normalization of the lipid process.

For this purpose, modern technical equipment is used. The treatment is carried out on devices of domestic production Lanta and Helper. You can use them within the walls of a medical center and at home.

Acne and postacne therapy at home conditions

Acne and post-acne are treated with specialized devices Lanta Z or Lanta Zl. Their main purpose is to eliminate the cause of the disease, viral and bacterial etiology of development. The therapy through the Lanta series for 10 days contributes to a significant improvement in the general condition and elimination of the root cause of the development of rashes.

Current acne treatment regimens include the use of:

  • Lanta Z;
  • Lanta ZL;
  • HELPER Personal.

Elimination of viral and bacterial causes of development takes about 30 minutes a day. Frequency-wave impulses contribute to the rapid recovery of the body. The degree of exposure and duration is determined on an individual basis, taking into account the general condition of the person.

Lanta ZL improves metabolic processes, promotes complex recovery, is a comfortable and effective treatment. Regular use of the device is aimed at eliminating the cause of acne and the speedy regeneration of damaged tissues.

HELPER ML and HELPER Personal are electromagnetic therapy devices that promote skin regeneration. They have a selective effect on the body. It is noteworthy that devices of this type are approved for use by adults and children.

Why it is worth choosing MC Altimed for acne treatment

MC Altimed uses modern methods of exposure. We know how to properly restore the body and improve the general condition after the first use of the apparatus therapy. Medicines and any biological additives are excluded. Only natural effect on hot spots!

Have questions? Call us! We will solve problems of any complexity!

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