Psychosomatics. Allergy.

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Do you have allergies that cannot be cured? Perhaps this is due to psychosomatics!

Allergy is a widespread disease that has been studied by doctors for a very long time. Today’s development of science has its results, and doctors managed to find out the main reasons leading to this disease, and psychosomatics allergy arose.

Conventionally, the main reasons can be divided into those associated with a genetic predisposition, caused by diseases that a person had before, and those that arose in harmful working conditions. However, until now, scientists around the world could not give an unambiguous answer to the question: why people with the same data, living in the same conditions, have different allergic reactions.

Those representatives of the scientific world who studied this issue in more detail managed to find that the disease mechanism cannot be triggered without the participation of the patient’s subconscious in this process. Today, specialists are most often invited to work on therapeutic diseases. Allergy is no exception in this case, psychosomatic allergy is a common diagnosis, but the main thing is that there is a treatment! 

Diagnostics and treatment of allergies in MC Altimed

In our work, we use modern approaches to diagnosis and treatment. Professional devices for more accurate and efficient testing. To identify the exact causes of the disease, the ATM Express hardware and software complex and the ATM Vega test diagnostic technique are used.

In our medical center, we will definitely determine the cause of the allergy and help get rid of it.

The doctor will necessarily examine and assess the state of the autonomic nervous system, as a result of which the cause of the disease will become clear. Diagnostics will take a little time, after 1.5 hours you will know what needs to be treated to get rid of the allergy. Psychosomatic allergies are detected immediately after the examination, and if this is your case, you will be informed, explained and offered treatment options. 

What is psychosomatics of allergies?

Allergies, regardless of their type, are not easy to live with and can have a huge impact on your quality of life. The disease was relatively unknown until the 20th century, but it is estimated that in some countries, approximately 25% of people now suffer from some form of allergy. In fact, it has been called the “epidemic of the 21st century.” But can allergies, at least to a certain extent, be “in our head”?

Doctors have long suspected a link between allergies and the psyche, citing a case in the 1940s when doctors discovered that allergic patients could have seizures. The article explains that one doctor exposed a patient to a goldenrod plant without informing the patient that the plant was artificial. Result? The patient developed sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. As soon as the patient realized the doctor’s deception, the symptoms quickly disappeared. The mind can play a role in exacerbating allergic reactions.

Psychological causes of allergies:

  • severe psychological trauma;
  • suppression of anger, aggression, and other strong emotions;
  • ambiguity of life principles;
  • fear of independence, including making important decisions;
  • increased nervousness, anxiety, depression.

The use of clinical methods for the study of diseases allowed doctors to overcome the allergic reaction in most cases.

From the foregoing, we can conclude: it is necessary to include in the list of measures for the prevention of allergic diseases respect for the nervous system. Food allergy psychosomatics is a consequence of problems with disturbed biorhythms in the brain. 

When should you contact MC Altimed?

When it comes to your allergies, symptoms may not always be the result of a psychosomatic reaction, but scientists have found stress and allergies to be a bad combination. Has allergies and psychological causes that have a strong influence on its manifestation.

If you have frequent flare-ups of allergies, your emotional stress can speed up your allergic reactions. This is because stress releases hormones and chemicals like histamine into your bloodstream, and histamine leads to allergy symptoms.

While stress relief will not necessarily heal your allergies, it can help reduce the intensity of your symptoms. If you feel like you cannot avoid an illness, relaxation techniques and hypnotherapy are some of the stress-relieving strategies you can try to alleviate your symptoms.

Simply put: allergies are not all in your head, but allergic reactions can be triggered by emotional factors. Stress and anxiety can also make allergy symptoms worse, but calming the mind can help ease these symptoms. And, if you suspect that you are suffering from allergies, it is better to avoid the path of self-diagnosis – the only way to know for sure is to undergo an examination at our MC Altimed. Sign up today and start your treatment.

Allergy from the point of view of psychosomatics

Blooms, different smells – can be allergens for humans, but for this there must be a genetic predisposition.

An allergy in a child is a psychosomatics in that he suppresses his feelings. It is important to work with the emotional situation in the family and consult with a professional.

In order to identify that the allergy on the face is a psychosomatics, it is necessary to contact our medical center and undergo a deep diagnosis. It will take a little of your time, but you will know the root cause for sure. Also psychosomatics is an allergy to the skin, which many face, mistakenly thinking that this is a reaction to some kind of chemical substances. Ask yourself what annoys you? 

How is the treatment of psychosomatics at Altimed MC

Having discovered that the allergy is of a psychosomatic nature, you can undergo treatment in the clinic or at home. Both options are guaranteed to give positive results.

The clinic uses special equipment that has an effective effect on the psychoemotional state. The procedure lasts 45 minutes, and after the first time you will notice an improvement. The main thing is that this is a cumulative effect that will give you results for a long time.

Home treatment involves the regular use of the ATM Lanta Z device for bioresonance therapy. You can buy it from us at an affordable price and forget forever about what psychosomatics is an allergy. 

Why choose MC Altimed?

We use a modern method of treatment – transcranial magnetic stimulation. With the help of a device for bioresonance therapy, electrical signals are sent to the brain, which correct the rhythms of alpha, beta and others. Thus, he tunes in to the “right wave”.

The advantage of this method is that it is versatile. It is used to treat patients who are not helped by drug therapy. Those who care about themselves and their health also use bioresonance therapy to feel great.

At our medical center in Kiev, there are several treatment options, you can choose one of them. Sign up for a diagnosis today and we will help you!

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