Psychosomatics of throat diseases


Do you suffer from upper respiratory tract diseases? Do you have regular sore throat and discomfort? This can be dealt with without medication. It is possible that the cause of unpleasant symptoms, namely a sore throat, is hidden in psychosomatics. Altimed Medical Center provides comprehensive assistance in the treatment of diseases caused by indirect pathogens.

Psychosomatics throat – what is it?

Why does the throat hurt, psychosomatics? Few people think about the fact that the fifth chakra is located in the throat, which is responsible for a person’s creative self-expression. Sometimes, to eliminate unpleasant symptoms in the throat and completely heal, it is enough to allow yourself to create something beautiful, without worrying and not thinking about what other people will say. No need to build barriers. The throat psychosomatics can be seen on several levels. So, the upper part of the throat is responsible for the process of assimilating food, and on the mental level, it is the acceptance of people, ideas and things. If a person closes in on himself, does not want to “swallow” everything that happens to him, the throat gives slack. Not only general discomfort appears, but also obvious manifestations of viral and infectious diseases.

For example, angina is completely infectious. It is characterized by the defeat of the tonsils. The disease is manifested by increased sensitivity when swallowing and high fever. Angina occurs, the psychosomatics of which indicates that a person is not able to express himself.

Chronic tonsillitis is also a type of sore throat, but only passed into a chronic form. Its development is due to the fear of self-expression, regular suppression of the emotional state and a special “muffling” of their own desires. Tonsillitis – psychosomatics is obvious. 

Laryngitis is an inflammatory process that affects the entire throat. It is accompanied by dryness and coughing. The person experiences discomfort, and his voice becomes “hoarse”. Fear to speak out, as well as the inability to be heard, can cause these symptoms.

Pharyngeal neurosis is a completely psychosomatic state. In the process of the development of the disease, a person feels discomfort in the throat, namely in the mucous membrane. The psychosomatics of pharyngeal neurosis is due to regular stressful situations. 

Glands and adenoids often become inflamed in children with the development of ARVI. But even in this situation, psychosomatics is visible. So, a child who regularly feels lonely and does not feel love from loved ones is prone to regular deterioration and suppression of emotions. Very often, the inflammatory process manifests itself with the complete reluctance of the baby to attend kindergarten. In this case, the tonsils psychosomatics manifests itself on a regular basis. 

Every illness that chokes the throat can be explained by psychosomatics.

When to contact MC Altimed

Regular sore throat is psychosomatics. The development of serious diseases requires a comprehensive diagnosis. It is possible that psychosomatics is the cause of all troubles. A sore throat can reflect a person’s true condition.

It is recommended to seek help if the following symptoms occur:

  • sore throat without accompanying symptoms;
  • frequent colds;
  • a cold is always accompanied by a sore throat;
  • there is a feeling of weakness;
  • immunity is greatly weakened. 

Specialists of MC Altimed will find the true cause of your condition and help you get rid of discomfort in the throat forever. The innovative equipment indicates the target points in the body, which are more susceptible to negative influences from the external environment. The psychosomatics of throat diseases is worked out with each patient individually. 

How is the treatment of psychosomatics for throat diseases at Altimed MC

People who are charged with positive energy and are constantly relaxed are less likely to succumb to the negative effects of colds. Neuroses, stress and regular negativity bring unpleasant adjustments to the life of every person.

The team of MC Altimed provides comprehensive assistance in the treatment of diseases of any severity with the use of innovative equipment. Before starting therapy, it is necessary to undergo a full diagnosis, to determine the cause of frequent sore throat. The diagnostic measures are based on the use of non-invasive methods, which completely eliminates pain and discomfort in the throat. 

Diagnostics is carried out according to the system of functional screening, which helps to identify “weak” points on the body. The body check is carried out using the ATM Express Vega. This method is aimed at identifying infectious pathogens, latent diseases and inflammatory processes in the tissues of the body.

Based on the results of the diagnosis, a complex drug-free therapy is prescribed. It is based on the use of modern devices that impulsely affect the body. Most importantly, treatment can be done at home. All you need to do is buy a device from the Helper ML series. Inpatient therapy is based on the use of passive bioresonance exposure using the ATM Express-BRT device, transcranial magnetic therapy using the ATM TR device, and antiparasitic therapy using the Lanta ZL device. The exposure time and duration of treatment are determined on an individual basis, based on the general condition of the person.

The main goal of therapy is to eliminate the cause of discomfort and sore throat. 

If a lump in the throat worries, the psychosomatics of this process is obvious. You need to work through the feeling of stiffness and allow yourself to express your own point of view. Don’t forget about daily affirmations. 

Why it is worth choosing MC Altimed for treatment of throat diseases associated with psychosomatics

MC Altimed is modern equipment, non-invasive methods of exposure and complete elimination of pain. The Health Center employs professionals who are able to find an approach even to the most demanding client. Diagnostics and treatment is carried out in an inpatient setting or at home (as convenient for the patient).

The key advantages of MC Altimed are:

  • individual approach;
  • qualified personnel;
  • the possibility of treatment in a hospital and at home;
  • acceptable price segment;
  • innovative equipment;
  • certified devices;
  • treatment of adults and children. 

Psychosomatics does not allow a person to live fully. Exclude her from your “list”. Sign up for a consultation, undergo treatment and never again think about discomfort in your throat! 

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