Overweight psychosomatics

psihosomatika lishnego vesa

Are you overweight and no amount of diet and exercise helps? It is possible that this entire process is a consequence of negative environmental impacts. Simply put, perhaps this is due to psychosomatics. Unstable time imposes typos on the human nervous system, negatively affects desires and dreams. The consequences of this process are violations on the part of many organs and systems of the body. But often, there may be psychological reasons for excess weight. 

What is the psychosomatics of excess weight in the gastrointestinal tract

Excess weight and psychosomatics are two interrelated processes. Stressful situations have a negative impact on the functioning of the digestive tract. Often this is manifested not only by functional disorders, but also by the inability to restore the usual body weight. Psychosomatics leaves a greasy imprint on the general condition of a person.

If you cannot lose weight for a long time, while eating and exercising in a balanced way, you need to look for the root cause. It is possible that hormones are to blame. But if he’s okay, it’s a good idea to listen to yourself.

The psychosomatics of excess weight affects many aspects of a person’s life, including the work of his digestive tract. The inability to express oneself leads to the fact that the body does not give up fats, accumulating them in the internal organs.

The psychosomatics of excess weight in women is a complete misunderstanding. Most likely, a person cannot express himself, and all his attempts to tell about plans and desires are accompanied by a flurry of negativity from loved ones. This behavior is unacceptable! A person gradually becomes isolated, feels hostility from other people. The psychosomatics of excess weight is often associated with a misunderstanding of spouses, as well as “constrained” communication at work. 

Internal problems have a general negative impact on the person as a whole. Dislike from other people gradually reduces activity and affects communication properties. The result of this process is isolation, which is accompanied by the “unwillingness” of the body to burn fats. Moreover, the psychosomatics of compulsive overeating is gaining momentum. As a result, any attempts to reduce body weight lead to negative consequences.

A person needs to learn to accept himself, not to be isolated, to trust the world and the weight will start to decrease. But in order to get a positive charge, it is necessary to undergo a full diagnosis and choose the appropriate treatment option. Without working out the problem, it is impossible to get rid of it. 

It is necessary to identify the psychological causes of obesity and excess weight. 

When to contact MC Altimed

There are a number of symptoms of overweight psychosomatics. There is no need to hope for the best and wait for the situation to improve on its own. This, alas, will not happen.

You should consult a specialist when the following symptoms appear:

  • violations in the work of the digestive tract;
  • regular abdominal pain, especially when playing sports;
  • constant flatulence;
  • lack of results with a balanced diet;
  • lack of results with intense sports. 

First of all, you need to check the hormonal background of a person, and then move on to the issue of psychosomatics of excess weight. An individual study of the state is carried out with each person, which allows you to achieve the maximum result.

You can make an appointment by calling the specified phone numbers or by leaving a request through a special form. We are ready to help at any time, in a format convenient for you!

Diagnostics and treatment of psychosomatics of excess weight in MC Altimed

To determine the true reason for “maintaining” weight, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination. Altimed clinic uses only non-invasive methods of exposure, which completely eliminates pain and discomfort. A comprehensive body check allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as find target points that are most vulnerable.

The main feature of MC Altimed is a modern approach to the process of diagnosis and treatment. To assess the general condition of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, a full functional screening and Vega-test are performed. Together, they give a detailed result, which allows you to identify the weaknesses of the body. Functional screening reflects the true state of not only organs, but also systems.

The Vega-test is based on determining the appropriate type of treatment. Yes Yes Yes! Psychological reasons for obesity also require full treatment and development. Without this action, it is impossible to achieve a positive result and completely overcome internal complexes.

Sign up for a functional screening now! It’s time to act!

How does the treatment of psychosomatics of excessive weight process in MC Altimed

The qualified personnel of MC Altimed guarantees an integrated approach to any patient. We treat the most difficult cases, completely eliminating the cause of their development. A comprehensive study of the symptoms of psychosomatics of excess weight in children and adults is being carried out. For this purpose, modern devices of domestic production are used. Each device has passed a full range of tests and received a certificate of conformity and safety. You can undergo therapy with innovative “products” in a hospital and at home, it all depends on the patient’s condition and desire. We give the right to choose!

Therapy in the clinic is based on a three-component effect using ATM TR Lanta ZL devices for passive bioresonance therapy ATM BRT. At home, you can use Helper ML, Helper Personal, ATM Lanta Z or ATM Lanta ZL devices.

The operating principle of the ATM Lanta Z and ATM Lanta ZL devices is as follows:

  • the device applies a selective effect on the affected points of the body;
  • electromagnetic vibrations activate the body;
  • work is carried out at a set frequency and amplitude;
  • depending on the state of the person, a certain mode of influence is selected. 

The duration of therapy, as well as the frequencies themselves, are selected individually, depending on the cause of the psychosomatics of overeating. The main feature of the devices is a personal approach to the treatment of any disease, even caused by psychosomatics. The device operates in 5 main modes, which can be used individually or combined with each other.

The effectiveness of the device is due to the therapeutic effect transmitted through 4 channels:

  • 1 and 2 channels help to restore the body and activate it;
  • 3 and 4 channels start regeneration processes. 

To obtain a positive result, it is necessary to carry out therapy in the “Metabolic processes” mode. This regimen is aimed at improving metabolism, which promotes the natural burning of fat cells. It is based on the combined use of pathogenetic and etiotropic therapy. The main task of the regime is to influence the pathology link, which is carried out locally. A complete study of the psychosomatics of obesity is being carried out. Regular therapy leads to a harmonizing effect on the main links of metabolism, which has a positive effect on the process of eliminating excess weight.

As for the devices of the Helper ML and Helper Personal series, they adhere to a slightly different method of exposure. The main task of the equipment is to normalize the process of receiving and emitting electromagnetic pulses, which contributes to the development of a harmonizing effect. The body receives impulses at certain frequencies, which helps to awaken metabolic and metabolic processes. To activate the body, it is not necessary to drink medications, it is enough to set the correct impulse and frequency. Sometimes cells, tissues and organs need to send signals that they understand. This technique is innovative, it really helps to achieve maximum results. Numerous studies have proven that drug-free therapy is possible!

To undergo treatment at MC Altimed, sign up at the indicated phone numbers or leave a request through a special contact form.

The study of the psychology of excess weight is carried out in a format convenient for the client. Remember that in a healthy body, all internal processes work in perfect harmony with each other. With their unstable state, it is enough just to set the correct vector in the form of an impulse action. The level of frequency and duration of therapy is calculated on an individual basis.

The frequency-wave approach is real! It is widely used in special medical institutions and is in demand in health institutions. 

Why it is worth choosing MC Altimed to cure excess weight, psychosomatics is the reason of which?

Do you want to lose weight once and for all, but any attempts do not give a positive result? It’s time to work on the psychosomatics of weight gain. It is possible that your body reflects internal experiences and isolation, which negatively affects metabolic processes and slows down metabolism.

MC Altimed offers innovative programs to restore general condition and activate the process of losing weight. To this end, it is necessary to undergo a comprehensive examination and choose the right therapy.

Why should you contact us? MC Altimed is:

  • A complex approach;
  • solving issues of any complexity;
  • qualified personnel;
  • non-invasive methods of diagnosis and treatment;
  • modern certified equipment;
  • work experience of 17 years. 

Still in doubt? Sign up for a consultation right now. We will prove that medication-free treatment exists! The reasons for being overweight are pure psychology! 

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