Do you have a streptokocck that cannot be cureed?

Do you often have pharyngitis? Or do you have red spots on your skin? Increased body temperature and aches? It is possible that you have a streptococcal infection. Treatment should be started as early as possible in order to avoid negative consequences.

Streptococcal infections are diseases that cause streptococci.

These are bacteria that usually live harmlessly in the respiratory, intestinal and genitourinary systems of humans. Some species can cause disease in humans, including streptococcus on the skin.

Diagnostics and treatment of streptococcus in MC Altimed

Streptococcal infection can only be confirmed after an in-depth examination. Perhaps you would like to go through it quickly and painlessly? In this case, our medical center is exactly what you need.

We choose modern approaches to diagnostics and therapy. To identify streptococcus, the treatment of which is extremely important to start as early as possible, we use the following types of diagnostics:

  1. Functional screening, to determine the functional state of the body, check immunity. 
  2. ATM Vega Test to find out what is the cause of the disease, which organs were affected, the severity of the disease. But the main thing is that based on the results, you can draw up an effective treatment plan, which in the first days will help eliminate the main symptoms, and at the end of the entire course, you will get rid of the disease. 

The main thing is that all types of diagnostics are carried out non-invasively, which means that it will not cause you any discomfort or pain. This is especially important for children, or very sensitive people with a low pain threshold. 

To make an appointment for diagnostics, call the toll-free number 0-800-600-0-80. We will appoint a suitable time for you and us and will try to help you get rid of the disease as soon as possible.

What is streptokocck?

Streptococci are classified as gram-positive cocci by their appearance under a microscope. They are spherical or ovoid and tend to form chains with each other.

Streptococci that cause human disease are usually facultative anaerobes, meaning they prefer lower oxygen levels in the environment.
Streptococci are further classified into subtypes based on the sugar chains expressed on their outer shell and their behavior when grown in the laboratory (alpha or beta hemolysis). Most streptococci important in skin infections belong to groups A, C and G and are hemolytic streptococcus.
Streptococci pneumoniae (pneumococci) – bacteria in pneumonia and meningitis, but rarely cause skin disease.

Types of straptokoccks

Group A (streptococcus pyogenes)

This group consists of one type of streptococcus called Streptococcus pyogenes. Up to one fifth of the healthy population can carry S. pyogenes in the throat. S. pyogenes produces a variety of toxins and enzymes that aid in infection. It is an important cause of pharyngitis and necrotizing fasciitis. It can cause scarlet fever, post-infectious glomerulonephritis (kidney disease), and rheumatic fever (heart disease).

Some of them trigger an antibody response in the patient’s blood, which helps in detecting a recent streptococcal infection (eg, anti-DNase, antistreptolysin).

Groups C and G

These bacteria sometimes cause infections similar to those of group A infections, and usually affect the elderly or chronic patients.


  1. pneumoniae bacteria can live in the throat and nose of healthy people. They produce a sticky substance on their outer lining that allows them to attach to the lining of the nose or throat and invade, causing infections in some patients. Most infections involve the respiratory tract or meninges.

How do people get infected with group a streptococcal infection?

In most cases, bacteria are transmitted from person to person through mucus, skin, or infected lesions. The spread of organisms occurs infrequently through objects that have come into contact with infected people. However, many people are colonized (have bacteria on the surface of their bodies but are not infected) with bacteria. Infants and children often acquire these organisms first from their colonized mothers.

When do i need to contact MC Altimed?

If you have streptococcus, your symptoms can vary.

  1. Pharyngitis (sore throat): sore throat, irritation when swallowing, white spots on the tonsils, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, fever; pharyngitis with fever and white patches on the tonsils are important but not definitive signs that you have strep throat.
  2. Scarlet fever (streptococcal skin infection): pink or red lines that are small purple or red patches on the skin caused by minor ruptured blood vessels found in skin folds, especially the flexor surface of the elbow, fever, a rash on the neck and chest, then whole body with sandpaper texture, muscle aches, abdominal pains, swollen red tongue.
  3. Rheumatic fever: joint inflammation, heart valve damage.
  4. Glomerulonephritis: inflammation of the kidneys, impaired renal function.
  5. Necrotizing fasciitis: rapidly progressive tissue destruction.
  6. Toxic shock syndrome: rapidly progressive organ failure with low blood pressure.

Most of the conditions listed here usually occur after initial pharyngitis, with necrotizing fasciitis and toxic shock sometimes occurring without a detectable initial pharyngitis infection.

Streptococcus in men is usually a bacterial infection of the genitourinary system that causes balanoposthitis and balanitis.

Streptococcus in children most often manifests itself on the skin. The reasons may be different: weak immunity, poor hygiene, vitamin deficiency and more.

Streptococcus norm in 1 ml of saliva – up to 108-109 streptococci. If the number increases, you need to urgently seek help from specialists.

How does the treatment of streptokocck process in MC Altimed?

Streptococcus treatment without antibiotics is the principle of our medical center. Any disease can be cured without medication, which cannot guarantee results and also have contraindications or side effects.

We offer a modern approach to therapy, we use our own equipment, which guarantees the result already in the first days of use.

We recommend using the Lanta series devices for the treatment of pathogens. Their use helps to reduce the action of pathogenic micro- and macroorganisms, with their subsequent extinction and excretion from the body. We recommend using the Lanta ZL or Lanta Z apparatus. You can buy them from us for use at home.

When treating streptococcus, we recommend using the ATM Helper ML device for electromagnetic (PEMF) therapy at home. Frequency-wave therapy allows you to effectively fight the infection by eliminating not only the symptoms, but also the cause itself.

The prevention of streptococcus is also important, and the simplest option is to use the ATM Helper Personal device.

It is easy to use the devices, regardless of your age, you will understand how to use them, and our specialists will explain everything in detail during the consultation and prescribe an effective course for you.

Why is it worth choosing MC Altimed for stretococcus treatment?

Are you looking for comfort, absence of painful sensations and qualified specialists who can explain everything to you in detail and in understandable language? Then we invite you to join u!

Our medical center Altimed is:

  1. Modern equipment of our own production for diagnostics and therapy.  
  2. Effective treatments.
  3. Elimination of symptoms in the first days of the course.
  4. The possibility of treatment at home with the same effectiveness as in the center.
  5. Convenient location in Kie.
  6. Personnel with many years of experience.
  7. Comfort during diagnostics and procedures.
  8. Affordable prices for examination and treatment.

You can evaluate all these benefits yourself by choosing our medical center for the treatment of streptococcus in adults and children. 

To make an appointment for a consultation, call the toll-free number 0-800-600-0-80. You can immediately ask the questions you are interested in and find a suitable time for you. Timely started treatment is the key to a speedy recovery, with minimal “losses” for your body. Don’t wait until it gets really bad, sign up now!

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