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Serotonin hormone of happiness

The serotonin levels in your body and brain significantly affect your mood. This hormone plays an extremely important role in your overall well-being. If you notice that you have disturbed sleep, constant mood swings, fatigue, apathy, you may have a decreased production of serotonin.

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Diagnostics and treatment of lack of serotonin in MC Altimed

In order to understand how to increase the level of serotonin specifically for you, you need to go through a deep diagnosis. You can do it quickly and without pain at our medical center. To determine the state of the body, it is not necessary to pass hundreds of tests. We use modern approaches to examination.

For a complete diagnosis of the body and testing of immunity, we have functional screening. It gives a complete picture of the state of all organs.

And also, ATM Vega Test – which shows what is violated, where, to what extent, and so on. Also, with its help, we select the most effective treatment for you.

When serotonin is lowered, how to increase it will be clear only after examination. It’s fast, painless and 100% accurate.

What is serotonin?

Serotonin is a mood-boosting chemical in the brain that affects mood, feelings of well-being, and a way of regulating hunger. Serotonin also improves positive sleep patterns, making sleep more restful and rejuvenating.

Probably the best known is the effect of serotonin on the brain. In your control center, serotonin acts as a neurotransmitter and therefore is a mediator for the excitation of your nerve cells.

This is especially important for the processing and transmission of information in the thinking apparatus. In a sense, serotonin makes all the information processed in the brain work properly. If the hormone is present in too low a dose, these processes can become imbalanced, which can affect your body and your mood.

Recent research also shows that serotonin is especially needed for creative ideas. Because normal serotonin levels can help you develop creative ideas.

However, well-regulated serotonin levels can go a long way in more than just your brain and your mood. Basically, serotonin can also affect other areas of your physical well-being.

Initial scientific evidence suggests that serotonin is also associated with the nervous system in the gut. It also affects the cardiovascular system, such as the contraction of blood vessels. In both cases, serotonin binds to specific receptors, the so-called “5-HT receptors”.

Conclusion: Serotonin is a hormone, neurotransmitter and messenger at the same time. In the body, serotonin can take on various control functions, for example, in the cardiovascular system and the intestines. In the brain, it participates in the transmission of information. If you have low serotonin levels, your brain may be out of balance to some extent.

When do i need to contact MC Altimed?

Symptoms of low serotonin levels include mental health problems such as depression, stress, unexplained irritability, and panic attacks.

Natural light improves the production of serotonin as well as the consumption of certain foods. Providing the body with the tools it needs to function properly and maximize efficiency can improve serotonin levels, leading to improved overall mood, happiness, and healthy sleep.

The hormone serotonin promotes effective blood clotting. Platelet cells release serotonin when tissue is damaged, which leads to vasoconstriction. This is an important part of the blood clotting process when needed.

Serotonin can also affect bone density. When bone density levels are too high, there is often a correlation with osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become porous and weak, which in turn increases the likelihood of fracture.

A lack of serotonin can also affect sexual performance. In some cases, this increases sexual desire, while in other cases, a decrease in sexual desire may occur.

The source of serotonin is tryptophan, an amino acid that promotes its production in the body.

How does the treatment of serotonin lack in the MC Altimed procedure?

Serotonin receptors are treatable, you can independently influence the level of the hormone in your body. The device for electromagnetic (PEMF) therapy at home ATM Helper ML will become a reliable assistant in therapy. After completing the full course, you will notice how your well-being will improve, energy, excellent sleep and mood will appear.

Also, transcranial magnetic stimulation will be effective in reducing stress levels and improving serotonin production. The method of frequency-wave therapy is used to restore all the rhythms of the body’s work. In our medical center, the ATM TR apparatus is used to carry out TMS-transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Our devices of our own production with proven efficiency, have all the necessary certificates. The main thing is that it can be used not only to increase serotonin levels, but also to treat many diseases.

Affordable cost, and easy to use. After the diagnosis, the specialist will describe the course in detail and teach you how to use it.

Why is it worth choosing MC Altimed to increase the level of serotonin?

Health needs to be monitored closely, and it is imperative to control hormone levels for harmony. We offer only effective treatment that is guaranteed to give positive results. You will feel better from day one.

Our medical center offers you the best conditions for examination and treatment. 

  1. Qualified and experienced staff.
  2. Innovative equipment.
  3. Affordable prices for all types of services.
  4. Effective and painless therapy.
  5. Opportunity to undergo treatment in the center or at home.
  6. Personal approach to each client.

Call the free number 0-800-600-0-80 and sign up for a consultation at a convenient time for you.

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